Peace. And Quiet. Very Quiet.

Today, (finally!) Addie got to start school. She is doing M-W-F this year and is thrilled to be going to school even more than she got to last year.

We met her new teachers (one of them is her Sunday School teacher) on Monday and every 30 minutes or so since then she has asked, “On this day, do I get to go to school?” (I LOVE that she always says that, “On this day…”)

(Apparently I am in love with parentheses today, too.)
(I think that is what happens when you are giddy with a quiet house all to yourself.)
(Okay, I’ll stop now.)

So anyhow, on THIS day, was Addie’s first day. The requisite first-day-of-school-under-the-tree-photo…


And the first survey of her new classroom before kissing Mommy and Daddy goodbye and dismissing us…


What a difference a year makes! Look at her on her first day last year, she looks so little and just a “toddler!”

1st day of school

And now we have this gorgeous, all grown-up looking girl. There wasn’t even a discussion if Bear should accompany her to school. She is a big kid now.

DSC_0095 copy.jpg

No tears from anyone this year. I helped with the Parent coffee, ran to Em’s school and volunteered in her classroom and am now enjoying my own coffee and catching up on emails before I go pick Ad up. Two happy, in school girls?

A mama could get used to this.

9 thoughts on “Peace. And Quiet. Very Quiet.

  1. Nadia does the same “on this day” thing – LOVE it!

    I remember thinking last year how big Miss Addie looked on her first day of school – and now, you’re right….looking back she seems SO LITTLE there!

    Yay for two happy school girls. And a happy mama with free time!

  2. Before I got to the bear part that was the first thing I noticed missing from this years pic. NO BEAR!! That really is a sign she is growing up. I remember the day Carter decided his blankie did not need to be an appendage anymore. It was bittersweet.

  3. I think she must have had more than one birthday since she started school last year. I cannot believe how grown-up she looks. I can only imagine how you feel with a few hours to yourself! ENJOY every minute! Your great job of preparing those girls for school is behind you — and now the reward comes: peace and quiet and time for yourself.

  4. Just tonight I noticed the September calendar on the fridge, (yeah, I know the month is half gone), and was especially looking at Addie’s ready for school pic from last year.
    Then, I get on here and get the rest of the story, and a glimpse of next year’s calenday I’ll bet.

    The comparison pics are great, unbelievable, but great. Noticed the same thing in Em’s lately too.


  5. It’s shocking how much they change when they go from 3 to 4. Such a beautiful, sweet girl you have there. And what a blessing that she LIKES preschool.

  6. Why do kids have to grow up so fast? She looks adorable – and I’ll bet she’s teacher’s “helper” already. Love the pink dress!

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