Crafty Tuesday

Here it is Tuesday again already. I do have lots to share since our entire last week was just one big craft project. So let’s get to it.

A few weeks ago I showed Addie some paper with cute little birdies on it and she said, “Oh! That is what I want for my birthday, Mama. Flowers and birdies.”

I gave it a few days because we have had a “theme-of-the-week” for the past few months and I figured it wouldn’t stick. But, ‘lo and behold it did indeed stick, she was adamant that she wanted flowers and birdies. She is kinda my flower child, and she really does love to bird watch so I thought, why not? Plus you all know how I feel about birdies….tweet!

The good thing about a totally non-commercialized birthday party –! I really only bought some cool colored plates and balloons. The invites and decorations I designed and printed on my printer at home. Voila! Birthday party done.

The invite…


The signage and goody bags….


And… the cake. When I searched for “bird cakes,” I came across this one. Which Addie happened to see and of course, had to have. I read up on fondant and it didn’t sound too difficult. I made my own using this recipe. Albeit a little sticky, it wasn’t that hard to make.

Then the girls and I spent a few hours making some birdies and flowers. It was fun and they liked to help make the decorations. And then…we tasted the fondant.

Ew. I so love the look of a nice, smooth cake – but I don’t see how all that trouble can be worth it especially if everyone peels off the fondant and doesn’t eat it. So we decided not to “fondant” on the cake. Just buttercream frosting – and it was good, and looked cute and Addie LOVED her cake. So all was good.


And we had enough cake batter and flowers for cupcakes, too. Which are always a hit!


On the sewing front, I finished the Super-A cape.


Unfortunately she didn’t think it was nearly as cool as I did. But it has made an appearance or two in the past week.


And I think it may get used a little more especially since I finished her friend Alexander’s cape. Now they can be superheros together.


I also finished the birthday banner for our house. It looks suspiciously almost exactly like the one I did for my friend Jamie and her girls. And I still have enough scraps to possibly make another. So looks like someone might be getting one for a holiday gift, too!


Now I’m off to make a few things for Em. I have been promising her some lounge pants for weeks now but they keep getting pushed to the bottom of the sewing pile. And she also wants a superhero cape. While I was wrapping Addie’s I said to J. “Em is probably going to want one of these, isn’t she?”

He just looked at me and said, “Um, have you met our girls? What do you think?”

Yeah. She has requested a Super-E in purple, please.

Ok, your turn. Show me what you got!

9 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. Impressive, as always…and Oh. My. Gosh. Those capes are so cool! I WANT ONE! But seriously…how much would you charge? Ethan is always talking about being a super hero…

  2. You and your many talents continue to amaze me! You are such a great mom! The whole thing looked absolutely perfect!

  3. What a perfectly fun bunch of crafts! Addie’s custom birthday party sure looks like it was a lot of fun. Love her super cape, too. :)

    I was sewing all last week, so I have a bunch up over at my place. I still have a bit to do, so it was a really good start.

  4. That’s a truly inspired line up. I wish the BA was young enough for a birthday banner, I have all these gorgeous scraps of material left over from the orphan costumes! I particularly like the fresh, spring colour theme on all your birthday creations. The cake worked very well and what a great idea to compromise on the fondant and butter icing thing. I always use boght fondant and. woth my cooking skills, the fondant gets eaten and the cake gets left!!! :-D
    What a coincidence! I made super hero capes for Sunday school last week. I wouldn’t post them though. They were nowhere near the quality of these Super A capes! Corrrrr. Stunning! Any young super hero would be proud to wear one.
    My week was much less productive but here it is anyway!

  5. Totally cute! Sure, a non-commercialized birthday is easy – when Mom is an awesome graphic design artist!!! You did a great job with the cake, but I just don’t get the deal with fondant. Why does it have to taste so nasty???? Love the capes!

  6. You are so much the “mom” I wanted to be! Just like my mom was – somehow I didn’t latch onto the sewing bug…but my constant sewing woes didn’t help either.

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