Thursday This & That

  • This is our first official week with everyone in school and all of the activities starting. And I’m already…tired. But I think we are in for a very fun year.
  • Emma is incredibly psyched that she has moved up and she is now in the 6-7 year old ballet class. And they get to wear black leotards. Just like the BIG girl ballerinas. It was the highlight of her week I think when we walked into the studio, she was beaming, grinning from ear-to-ear. The en pointe class is after Em’s and she walks out ever so slowly, gawking in obvious awe of the big girls putting their pointe shoes on. She is determined to get to dance on her toes one day.

Bella Ballerina

  • She has decided against playing soccer this year, which is actually a-ok with me. I would like her to try out some sports and find a team sport that she enjoys, but there is plenty of time for that. She asked if she could try gymnastics class with Addie and they are both in the same class on Saturday mornings…combined activities, yes! Only one trip and one hour to the gym, that is a-ok with me, too.
  • Today Em starts choir again, too. Addie is still too young – although I think she is going to be the one with some musical ability – but Em is very excited to start up. Miss Suzanne swears she can *teach* anyone some rhythm and pitch, but she clearly has never heard me sing. Ah, poor Em. Let’s hope Daddy’s musical awesomeness wears off on her, and not Mama’s tone deafness.
  • And tomorrow another mom and I are meeting with the Girl Scouts so we can get a Daisy troop started for our first grade class. I was a Girl Scout and still think it is a fantastic activity for girls. Plus if I can get one started maybe we will be ahead of the game when Addie is old enough. I foresee more combined activities! Double yes! And just think, pretty soon you will all have a direct line to GS cookies! Mmmm…somoas, thin mints, peanut butter patties. You are drooling at the mere mention of them, aren’t you?
  • Well, no wonder we are all a little tired this week. But it is already Thursday. And GOOD TV is starting up again! Survivor starts tonight. Every year I say I’m not going to watch it any more, and every year I get sucked back in. It is a guilty pleasure, though. And vegging on the sofa with J., watching TV is something I’m not giving up any time soon.
  • Addie and her little friend, who is over for a playdate, are finishing up their painting masterpieces, so I better go survey the mess and figure out if I have enough time for a clean-up before we pick up Em.

Hope you are all having a fantastic Thursday.

6 thoughts on “Thursday This & That

  1. It surely sounds like you are super busy! Love the shot of Em. Anya is starting her first dance class tomorrow, so hopefully I will have a similar photo of her this weekend. Lots of fun stuff for you guys, but remember to rest!

  2. Oh yeah!! We watched Survivor last night – we’ve been waiting with baited breath, it’s our TV time together also. (we’ve never sworn never to watch it again; but we we did decide never to watch Big Brother again a couple seasons ago, and haven’t.) How funny, I just published a post that I started earlier this week that included sofa time in front of Survivor.

    But I have to run to watch Ghost Whisperer!

  3. This is the best time of year isn’t it? good tv, new things, awesome weather…I love fall! Love the rounded corners on your pic & the pretty ballerina too! :)

  4. I think your “this and that” posts are some of my favorites. Such a slice of life we get to see on Thursdays. :)

    Btw, did you catch the first episode of Survivor? Russel? OMG! I hope he falls in a fire or gets bit by a snake. (Okay, not really, but ykwim.) LOL!

  5. I think this just gave me a glimpse of my life in a couple years…N’s not doing too many activities yet, but once we’re in shcool with girl scouts and dance and sports – oh my! You are one busy lady. I have barely watched tv at all this summer, and I really haven’t missed it, but now that the good shows are coming back I’m getting sucked in again too! I love fall, everything about it.

  6. I was so excited for Thursday night TV too. We don’t watch many shows, but somehow Survivor has always stayed in the rotation. I am all for combined activities too. So much easier.

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