Best Shot (& Video) Monday

Today is a double treat! I have both a picture for Picture This‘ Best Shot Monday and a video from Emma Gracie’s dance recital this past weekend.

You all are going to think that I only take pictures of the girls in the bathtub, I don’t. However, bathtime is always at the end of the day, and they are all relaxed and looking cute. And if I haven’t taken any pics of them on that particular day, it just seems like a good time to get some shots. This week’s is of Em since I’ve done Addie the past two weeks.

I think I keep getting all hung up on getting a perfect shot for the Best Shot Monday – when really I just want to start making sure I capture as much of our everyday life as I can. In this pic I really love the colors in the shower curtain (that she is peeking out around) and that it is not a posed “smile” picture like so many are when she sees the camera…


And the video is below. The ballerinas were all little Ariels, (the Little Mermaid). She did a terrific job. I was amazed again at how great she listened to Miss Claire and knew the dance. She is quite a bella ballerina!

(Technical note: Mommy made sure the video camera was charged…however it was at the end of the tape. Bah! So J. videoed the whole recital on his little camera. It did a pretty great job, but you can’t zoom in, so…she is the 2nd one from the end on the left, in case you can’t really see her all that well! You can also see up close pics in the flickr account.)

0 thoughts on “Best Shot (& Video) Monday

  1. Bathtub pictures are the best! I have some actually framed and hanging in the kids bathroom. They thought that was the greatest thing ever. That recital was the cutest thing, by the way. ;)

  2. How embarrasing for the other parents to have to have their kids in a class that has the world’s greatest ballerina. . . .Or am I just prejudiced. Although it does seem to run in the family, those “Williams’ Girls” as Matt said ALWAYS seemed to be the best one on the floor, court, pool whatever. The Williams Boy had some bragging moments too. It’s good to be able to keep the tradition alive.

    Ya done good, Em

  3. ‘…when really I just want to start making sure I capture as much of our everyday life as I can.’ BINGO! Those are always the BEST SHOTS!!! Nice post and adoraable photo!!

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