Cutest Fan Club ~ Best Shot Monday

Look at me – in a photo – two weeks in a row!

So obviously this was not my best shot for today, but a photo that J. took just before my triathlon this weekend.

I definitely had the cutest fan club at the race!

My fan club

As far as the actual race – I had a very good race, for as little as I had trained.  Last year, since it was my first tri ever, I trained so hard because I was really worried about actually finishing. This year and my training? Well, let’s just say it was usually the very last bullet point on my ever-growing to do list.

So I finished the race in 1:21, a few minutes over last year’s time. I was kind of bummed when I saw the time. Well, I was relieved that it was over, since it seemed so much harder than last year, but I had kind of hoped to get a new personal best record, and beat my time.

But, hey! I did come in 17th place (out of 45)  in my age group. And when I started thinking about how little I have worked out in the past few months – I mean I just dusted off my bike last week, for the first time since before Christmas. And, I am usually lucky to get in three runs and one spin class a week. Plus, I haven’t done a brick workout since before my last tri…last summer. (A brick workout is when you stack two workouts together, like swim/run or bike/run, etc.) So considering all of this…I think I am just happy to have finished with the time I did manage.

And, it also provided a little bit of inspiration – now I am looking for another race that I can really train for.

25 thoughts on “Cutest Fan Club ~ Best Shot Monday

  1. Congratulations! That’s awesome! We did the ‘MS 150′ quite a few years ago and I’d love to do something like that again.

  2. Love the picture!
    I am amazed… I don’t think I could run around the block…
    I agree- the cutest fan club evah!

  3. You go girl!! That’s awesome! And what a great photo of you guys. (I wouldn’t get past three feet – well, unless I started on a bike – but that would be it for me.)

    I caught the ever-reaching sore-throat thingy going around down here, but let’s shoot for getting together soon!

  4. I say that that is a pretty great accomplishment. Don’t take any less than that. Great job!

    (I forgot to update my reader! Should have known I would have had some posts by you.)

  5. That is awesome! I was planning to run a sprint-tri this summer, but then I got pregnant, so I’ll have to postpone. I love when I manage to get someone else to take my picture with the kids, so great job with that as well. Everyone looks like they were having a good time!

  6. wow! i think that is a great accomplishment, regardless of the training — and yes, you do have a mighty cute fan club!

  7. Wow! I don’t think I could ever start one, let alone finish one– go you!!! And, for not training, a few more minutes is nothing!!!

  8. Woohoo! you did awesome. Merely finishing is awesome in my book, let alone finishing in 17th place. I’m not as cute as your other fan club members, but you can still count me in. :)

  9. Great job Care. I’m betting it won’t be too many years before your fan club wants to run with you. Finishing at all is good, and you’re in the top half of your age group, that should count.


  10. YAY!!! Kudos to you!! Training or no training, that takes guts girl and you did it!

    What a sweet pic of the 3 of you…they are very cute fans!

    Enjoy your week~

  11. You are the woman. I am so impressed and that photo is adorable. You should frame that one for sure.

  12. That’s wonderful, Carrie! You are a supermom to do all that you do and then also train and compete in a triathalon. Even though you didn’t train as much, you still did so well. YOu should be very proud of yourself!

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