Crafty Tuesday

Oh, hallelujah! I actually have stuff to show today! I’m so excited – so let’s get to it.

And, if you might be expecting a bag from me…ahem, say if your name might be Blueberry or Aunt Laura…and you might want to be surprised as to what your bag might look like, you might want to stop reading right now. I’m just saying.

So, here we go.

First up, Addie has been asking me to make her a “kitty purse” ever since I made Em’s dance bag. She visited the fabric store with me the other day and I just followed her around and giggled at her pure delight and her exclamations of “Ohhhh, look at this pretty one Mama!” I think she may have inherited my love for perusing aisles and aisles of fabric.

She actually found this fabric and declared it the one for her kitty bag. So I put a little one together for her. And what do you put in a kitty bag? Lots and lots of kitties, of course!


I maybe should have made the bag a little smaller. I think at one point she had six cats in there while she lugged it to the gym. I do love the coordinating fabrics we found, the gingham, the striped, and the inside fabric.

Addie was all smiles, and Marie seems to be enjoying it, too!


And, like I mentioned above, I had a couple of other bags that I desperately wanted to finish and get out to my very patient friends. I found a fun green tomatoes fabric that I thought was kind of spring-like and earthy and decided to use it for these two bags.



Plus, I think I finally got the proportions right for a reusable shopping style bag. It seems like a good usable size, although when my two, lovely models hold them – they do look like they might be a little large and unwieldy.

Ladies, you’ll have to let me know what you think when they arrive in your hot, little hands!


Anyone else have some crafties to show today?

11 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. Love the bags! The kitty bag is too adorable, especially with little Marie inside! :) The size of the shopping bags looks pretty good…you don’t want them to be too little. You are SHOPPING afterall. ;)

    I have a St. Patty’s Day skort to show today, and the tutorial.

  2. They look absolutely delectable! It will be perfect when “us girls” go north for the annual craft shows.
    Hoping to get Trish here this year. And, I can always use another reusable shopping bag.

  3. I LOVE the bags! The fabrics you found for the kitty bag is ADORABLE! Good work! Is there anything you can’t manage to put together?

  4. Wow. You have been busy. Running triathlons……making a gazillion bags. All of them turned out great. I have plans to make a tote bag for my little niece so these are very inspiring. I have a little craftiness up.

  5. Love it, love it! addie made a great choice for the kitty fabric, but I have to giggle at you regretting its large size. hehe! Now the shopping bags are truly gorgeous! Lucky Blueberry. ;)

  6. OMG….will you make your sister a book bag? Seriously Bean, they are WAY too cute!!

  7. Fab bags! I love the tomatoe ones…I use my “green” bags for everything these days. I can picture Addie luggin’ around all her pets :)

  8. The kitty bag is absolutely adorable! What a wonderful idea. I think there is just something fun about the fabric store. Every now and then when I actually make it to one W.W. loves to peruse the fabrics too and pick ones out he likes. :)

  9. Yesterday I worked a vendor fair where there were two ladies who made bags. All kinds of bags. Many of them reminded me of yours. They were selling there’s for around $50 each. So if you ever want another business…. :-)

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