I command you to…Stop. This. Instant.

E: “Mama? I think that I am six already.”
M: “What’s that?”
E: “Yeah, I think I should already be six, because I can already read and write all kinds of stuff, and I don’t even need your help. So it is like I’m six already, right?”

Right. Oh, boy.

Tree hugger

So, we were in church on Sunday. And she is still just a little bit too short to prop her elbows on the back of the pew when we are kneeling, so she puts a few hymnals down to kneel on for that optimal praying position. The lady behind us was giggling at her perched precariously on top of two hymnals and then she asked Em, “How old are you?”

“Oh, I’m 5 and a half, but I turn 6 on April 9th!” Em said so proudly. And then? The lady made the mistake of saying, “Oh, really? I thought you were at least 7 or 8. You are so tall and your printing is so nice and neat!” (She was writing letters to Daddy during part of mass.)

Cripes. Emma was beaming. “Mama! She thinks I am 7 or 8! Wow! And I’m only 6. Well, I’m almost 6!”

I threatened right then that I was going to put the hymnals on her head to make her stop growing.

I’m not quite sure what is going on around here lately. I find myself just watching the girls, or staring at photos of them and wondering, “How in the world did we get here?” “Where did my little girls go?”

And don’t say I am yearning for a baby, because I so am NOT. I am not even really nostalgic for, or missing when the girls were babies, necessarily.  I love the ages and stage we are at right now. I love our little family and it just feels right. It feels complete.

I am not really sure what I am feeling. I guess I just want them to slow down. I can’t keep up with all of their milestones, their funny stories, or antics. I feel like the days are just slipping through my fingers, along with all of their youth and innocence.

I feel like I am going to wake up tomorrow, and they are both going to be packing to leave for college.

And now? Em wants her haircut. I got mine cut yesterday and she can’t stop playing with it and telling me how she wants hers cut short, too.

I love her hair. I’m trying so hard to remember that it is her hair, but tell me she isn’t going to look even more like she is 7 or 8 with a short little bob, than she would with her ribbons and pigtails?

12 thoughts on “I command you to…Stop. This. Instant.

  1. Oh, I so know how you are feeling! My girls are just a little older than yours – 4th and 1st grade. But lately I’ve been feeling an odd sense of nostalgia. They’re growing up too fast!

  2. bean is going through a growth spurt and is suddenly able to reach things she couldn’t before. this is both good and bad. good you can reach the light switch in the bathroom all by yourself. bad you can reach the candy on the kitchen counter.
    of course sprout is starting to walk so he seems to be growing too fast too!

  3. It’s like she’s already six?!? Oy, slow down girly. I so feel you on this. Like you, I’m really not longing for a baby…but I do long to keep my little girl LITTLE for a bit longer. They’re in such a hurry to grow up. Do you know the song “Slipping through my fingers” from Mama Mia/Abba? Yeah, that gets me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv8z-RRucso

  4. Great Post Carrie~ What we all wouldn’t give for some more time to just enjoy the kids…we want them to stay young and they can’t wait to grow up….((big sigh)) Brings a tear to my eye~

    Hugs and let me know if you find the stop growing up button anytime soon ;)

  5. Ah Yes, the shorter cut. Emma Louise saw yours and couldn’t wait to cut hers as well. It DOES make my little 4 year look older. But she LOVES it.
    Funny how for years they just want it long – and then they over night become passionate about cutting. It’s like they all of a sudden see what a new style can do to a person – and they have to have it!
    What a fun ride !

  6. Christina – OH MY YES!! I pretty much sat in the theater and bawled through that entire movie! J. took the girls to a different movie, so I was by myself, but oh THAT song…I totally forgot about it until you just mentioned it. Gonna go listen (and cry) to it again!

  7. I keep thinking my baby goes to kindergarten next year? When DID THAT happen cause lord knows I’m not getting older :o ) Enjoy them, Care– and I know you do and just think of all their antics and cuteness you are documenting on this blog and the thousands of pictures you have taken.

    As for the hair—–go for it! I think you will love it!!

  8. And you think that the girls are growing up too fast……….one of my kids is your husband!!

  9. It all seems like it goes by so fast. I feel like I’ve been having such a hard time dealing with Zane being two for some reason. This reminded me why…I’m loving how much fun he is right now. We’ll just try to forget about the tantrums!

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