Twelve. At LAST.

Dear Addikins -

Today you turn twelve, Addie Rose. It has been a long year as you are always the last of all of your friends to have a birthday. But for this Mama this year is the last year before you become a teenager, the last year I can pretend I have a little girl, still.

See, the minute I found out about you started a string of “lasts” for me. The last time I’d be pregnant. The last time I’d feel that intense, instant feeling of love looking into my newborn baby’s eyes. The last all-nighter with a screaming baby. The last kid to potty train. The last “first step.” The last time I could carry a sleeping kid up the stairs to bed. A lot of the “lasts” slipped right on by and I didn’t even realize at the time they were the last. And that makes me the saddest of all.
So I am paying attention to every last minute of this last year before you become a teenager. I don’t want to miss a moment as you head into this year of Twelve. I am excited to watch you charge ahead, as only our Addie can, and take the next twelve months by storm.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Rosie Toes. I love you with every last bit of my being. Have an amazing year being an amazing kid.


2 thoughts on “Twelve. At LAST.

  1. Ahhhhh! I remember this feeling. Sometimes I still dream of the Baby BA and wake up with a sense of grief. But hey! What a triumph our girls are becoming!!! Let go of the before, embrace the now, and trust that we can enjoy ALL of it in the life to come :-) <3

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