Dear Gracie Girl -

You’d think since I have a whole year to write these birthday posts that it would be somehow easier and I wouldn’t leave it to the last minute, but…well…that just isn’t so. In fact I think in a way these actually get harder to write each year. But, that is just the way with a lot of things these days – some things are getting so much easier, and others? Well, they just seem so much harder.


Fourteen years ago, bringing you home was the hardest thing I had ever done. We had no idea what we were doing with our sweet little bundle of Emma. But day by day, we figured it out and it kinda just got easier.


You were a very easy baby and have grown into an pretty easy-going teenager, too. You have such a calm, beautiful soul, Gracie. I’m always in awe of how easy you make everything you do appear to be, you seem naturally good at so many things. You are smart, funny, even-keeled and really just easy to love.


Of course it isn’t all easy, all the time. I often get a bit panicky when I think about how quickly you are growing up. It is really hard to sit and watch you stretch your wings, and maybe stumble, or even fall. And I know the day you leave our nest…that day will be a million times harder than that first day we brought you home from the hospital. IMG_0641

But for now I will take all the easy and hard. And I will just pray that this will be an easy year filled with amazing new adventures and happiness always.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Gracie Girl.
I love you with all my heart,



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