Crafty Tuesday

We are back! Just because I haven’t posted a CT in a few weeks doesn’t mean that we haven’t been crafting it up around here.

Birdie #2 and I have tried very hard to meet for some all-day crafting days. We haven’t been able to do it every week, but we have accomplished a few projects the last few weeks.

Birdie #2 did these awesome pillows. Cutting out the stencil with Eva, and then just fabric painting right on the burlap before she sewed the pillows together.

Cute eh?

She also did a calendar wall of dry erase squares for her high schooler’s room. (Activities blurred to protect the innocent!)

She cut out each square with rounded corners and the top squares she cut out the days of the week – so the wall color shows through. Grid them out and stick each square to the wall. Easy, peasy.

And my contribution to Crafty Tuesday – I knocked off a little sign that J. got me (the one on the left!) for my anniversary and made him one (the one on the right) in return. I just reversed the paint colors and cut out the stencil using Eva. Then painted on and peeled the stencil off.

I can’t wait to hang them in my kitchen. The KITCHEN! The kitchen that is almost done. I think it deserves a post all to itself. As soon as the cupboard doors are returned and rehung…we will do the big reveal!

What craftiness am I missing out on since I haven’t had a moment to read a blog in weeks? Tell me, please?

2 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. I love those anniversary plaques…too cute! Can’t wait to see how the kitchen is faring. I know it is a lot of work, but it gets used to much it is worth it!

    I have been sewing up a storm lately!

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