Crafty Tuesday ~ All Things Birthday.

So, it was a little someone’s birthday around here. And you know how we love to do it up on our Birthdays in our house. It gave me a few opportunities to break out Eva and make some tees…

Our traditional “number” t-shirt to wear on birthday day:


Next year we will have to get a bigger shirt, big enough for 2 numbers. (sigh)


Birdie #2 and I are a little bit obsessed with the British “Keep Calm & Carry On” signs, (or anything British, really) so when I saw these being knocked off, I had to make a volleyball one for Em:


And for Easter we made carrot whoopee pies. It was a mix I found at Target, but the packaging was so stinkin’ cute, I couldn’t walk away. I mean, look at it!:


They were ok. And then Em decided for her “treat” to give her classmates, she wanted to do whoopee pies as well, except in chocolate. Seemed easy enough, I mean…easier than the cakepops, right?

While I was reading the recipe, I realized they were just using a cookie sheet to make the “cake part” of the pies. Now, thanks to JB, I do own a lovely whoopee pie pan, but it only makes 6 pies at a time. I needed 36! So I decided to try the cookie sheet to speed things along. Epic fail. So worth the extra time it takes to make the pies in the proper pan – or buy a second pan, I suppose.

Not that they tasted bad, but those irregular blobs that didn’t quite puff up like they were supposed to kinda grated on my perfectionist sensibilities. I mean look at these:


And now look how pretty these are:


See? At any rate, the pies were finished and delivered to school to the delight of all the third-graders (and a few choice first-graders, too!):


And I’m sure the kids didn’t get my pun, but I liked it and I guess that anything to keep Mama happy when she is covered in flour and frosting is good:


And the birthday girl enjoyed them, so that is really all that matters:


3 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday ~ All Things Birthday.

  1. does emma realize how lucky she is to have a mama like you??? incredible. hats off to you, lady!

  2. I’m with JB? I sure hope Emma and Addie realize what a gift they got when they got you for their mom. Emma looks like she really approves so it was a win-win for everyone!

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