Happy 9!

Dear Emma Gracie Girl -

Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet girl. I’ve been obsessing about this post the entire week.  I don’t want to say I’ve been dreading it, but…I’ve been dreading it. I am finding it impossible to write about everything that is floating around in my head (and in my heart) at this moment. What is tripping me up the most is the fact that you are now – NINE! Nine…one little year away from double digits. It doesn’t seem possible.

It is also near impossible to write something that I haven’t already written before. Although you are really trying new things (like volleyball!), it mostly seems that you are just getting better and better at everything you were already so very good at.


You have had a fantastic year as a third-grader, including a recent report card where you could absolutely not get any higher marks if you tried. It was perfect. You were nominated class president and I think secretly enjoyed the little bit of bossiness that it allowed you. To my delight you have taken to the piano like you were born to play, we’ve found a dance class that you really love, and you are finding your voice and place at our church. As I watch you grow, I sometimes have to pinch myself and ask “how did we get so lucky to have a gift like you?”


You continue to work on being a good friend, which I’m so thankful for. But I’m probably most grateful for your vigilance and dedication in your job as a big sister. Nothing makes my morning better than walking you and Addie to school and watching you lean over to kiss her goodbye as you say, “I’ll see you at recess. Love you.”


You are a parent’s dream, Emma Grace. I know we’ll have rough patches (heck, we have already hit a few!), and I’m sure there will be times when we are disappointed in one another, but for every tough moment we have, there are at least a thousand others where I couldn’t be more proud to have you as a daughter.


I love you, Gracie. Happy Birthday and I hope you get everything you reach for this year.


10 thoughts on “Happy 9!

  1. How beautiful sweet and honest. Love you both so much. Happy Birthday to BOTH of you!

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL birthday message!! Happy 9th Birthday Emma. Hope all your wishes & dreams come true this year. Enjoy your day!!!

  3. What more could a daughter ask for from a mom?! The pictures of her are beautiful — just like her! Hope she had a fantastic Golden Birthday!

  4. A great birthday post Carrie. Happy Birthday to our beautiful Emma! I love the pictures.
    Love you

  5. Happy Birthday, Emma-Zing Grace!

    The pic that mom picked out of you at church looks EGG-SACTLY (I’m still in Easter mode) like she did when she was younger. No wonder she’s able to say such glowing things about you, you’re going to be just like her, and we feel that way about her too!

    Love to you both, oh and the non birthday members of the family too.


  6. 9! Wow! How in the world did that happen?

    What an amazing girl you have.

    Who ever would have thought you could enjoy watching someone else’s girls grow up all the way across the country?

    Happy Birthday Emma Grace!

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