Hello, my old friend Monday. It has felt like a very long time since we last met.

I guess we have just been consumed with piano recitals.

(Emma playing for the Shrove Tuesday Variety Show at church. I LOVE how everyone made it into a sing-a-long. If you watch closely you can see Em start to smile when she realizes that people are singing along. It was kinda cool.)

And there have been some choir performances at church.

(This was the Gospel Cherubs’ Sunday to sing by themselves, but only a few showed up. So the Star Chorus – Em, Avery, Ava and Nicolas, the “big kids,” helped and filled in. Sorry for the incredibly shaky camera work at the start, I was trying to dig out my offering envelope and video at the same time!)

And we had many rehearsals and a fantasticballet performance thrown in for fun, too.




(Addie was a Golden Bunny in the production of the 12 Dancing Princesses, and she and her ballerina friends were outstanding. Her idol, Audrey’s older sister, Yvette, was in the 5pm show as well and not allowed to come greet her fans after the performance. So Daddy Alain hoisted Addie up so she could shower her Yvette with flowers.)

And last, but certainly not least,…the cookies. Oh Lord, the COOKIES!




Needless to say, I’m cookie’d out already. And so very happy it is Monday. Everyone back to school, back to work and last week under our belt. Not that this week is any less busy, but only two more Mondays left before we are out of here!

4 thoughts on “Ahhh…Monday.

  1. Awwww I LOVED those videos! What a talented crew you all are! Performance is such a rewarding thing and it seems your two are un-fazed by the spotlight. Excellent!!

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