All Christmas Music…All The Time.

Like it or not, Christmas music is here. I personally LOVE me some Christmas music, although I usually refrain until after Thanksgiving before breaking out every version of “Angels We Have Heard on High” (still searching for a really good one!). But between the girls working on a Christmas piano duet, Emma on a mission to learn her entire Christmas book by Thanksgiving (and is going to succeed, I think!), and the rehearsals for the Christmas Eve pageant – our house is alive with the Christmas tunes. Needless to say we are already dreaming of white Christmases around here.

And then I was hunting for some photos and videos for Aunt JB this week and ran across this little gem…

Even if you are not a fan of Christmas music, our lil’ Emma Grace (from back when she was only 3!) might just change your mind.

“Clap for us, Mommy!”

It all just goes by too quickly. *Sigh*

2 thoughts on “All Christmas Music…All The Time.

  1. Oh my gosh, she is a doll! I don’t think I’ve seen E THAT young. And A! So cute!
    I love finding the old videos from when they are tiny… yes, too quickly.

    I’m pushing off the Christmas music a couple more weeks if possible for myself. I was thinking about not doing Christmas cards this year, everything just came up too fast on me this Fall; but now I’m thinking of dragging the little, fake Christmas tree out some where again like where Waldo or something. Either way, I won’t get cards ordered in a timely fashion – once again. Sigh.


  2. That was too cute. “Louder daddy!!!!!” It’s always a blast when you suddenly find a vid where they’re looking SOOO little. Did we blink??
    We wait until Dec1 to start Christmas. Mariah Carey’s Christmas album plays as we put up the tree.

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