Guess What I’ve Been Up To?

A whole heck of a lot of laundry. Surely this is far too much laundry for a family of four, right? And I’ve still got a two more loads to fold…it is never-ending.

I’m also trying to help Addie get her ancestor project done for school tomorrow. She came home on Monday with the assignment and said, “Mrs. K. showed us examples of what we are supposed to do and one of the examples she showed us was Emma Grace’s from when she was in first grade!”

I said, “Oh, yeah? I remember doing that one.”

“Yeah, I just asked her ‘why can’t I use Emma’s because it is going to be the same for me?’  But she said ‘no!’ I have to do it all over again.”

That’s my girl. I wouldn’t necessarily call it laziness – I think we’ll call her “efficient,” yes…efficient.

5 thoughts on “Guess What I’ve Been Up To?

  1. I love how Addie thinks because I would have thought the same thing. I have a feeling that this will at least be an easy project since all the research is done.

    Laundry is never ending.

  2. Hey, Care –

    If you want to add anything to Addie’s (of course, I suppose it is due tomorrow), I have been working diligently on the Family Tree so may have a few additions from when Emma did hers so just let me know! I am not finished yet but I am back to the 1500s!

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