Addison: “No more dead animals.”

As we are walking through the grocery store the other night, looking for something to put on our newly fixed grill, Addie spied a package of chicken legs…

A: “Ew. Mama? I don’t wanna eat no more dead animals.”

She has a friend who is a vegetarian and I’ve tried “no meat” for a time or two, so I wasn’t totally surprised and wasn’t stressed out about it.

M: “Hmmm…ok. Well, what would you like to eat? Can we put some vegetables on the grill for you?”
A:  “Mmmm…let’s have steak!”


No. I didn’t tell her where steak comes from. She’ll figure it out soon enough.

5 thoughts on “Addison: “No more dead animals.”

  1. I had a friend who refused to eat the Farm Fresh eggs that her dad stopped to buy locally. . .she only wanted the “store bought” kind.

    Cute pic.


  2. Pretty cute! That picture is adorable with the ever-present bear. I have visions of her walking down the aisle on her wedding day with Bear tucked under her arm.

  3. Harper has voiced her concern about eating dead animals before too. Of course, she enjoys a good steak with no guilt. Kids are too funny. Since I don’t eat meat there are always plenty of no meat options at my house though. Love the photo of Addie and her why shirt. Too cute.

  4. bwahaha! That is too funny. I remember Nadia making the connection that meat=animals…she was momentarily appalled, but it didn’t last long!

  5. Watch out! We are still dealing with a meat tolerator. I blame the Mad Cow problem in the UK and our slew of vegetarian friends. She will only eat meat in casserole form….cut into tiny chunks and, to be fair, mostly if it doesn’t taste like meat! (eg strong curry) Minced beef is ok, and sausages, but steak, pork and lamb are left on the side of the plate. I am actually a little concerned she doesn’t get enough protein, especially now she’s so busy as a teen. She also doesn’t eat eggs! >:-( All this would not be so bad if we lived in a vegetarian friendly house where the meals could be balanced to address her pecadillos; but Himself and No 2 Son are confirmed meat eaters who eye pasta with mistrust and consider vegetarian options with disbelief and horror. “This isn’t dinner! Where’s the meat????”
    Addie is so funny! And LOVE her T shirt :-D

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