Dipy Week #56 ~ Tuesday. 11:33am.

So what are two of your favorite (;-) bloggers doing on a random Tuesday morning at 11:33am?


Shoot whatever you are doing at 11:33am on Tuesday. That was our theme this week. And as you can see it is mostly “business as usual” with Kimberly, the dedicated blog Goddess that she is. And at our house on Tuesday (and really all week long) it has been cookies, Cookies, COOKIES! At 11:33am on Tuesday I was boxing up the cookies to ship to our Michigan folks, so maybe, just maaaybe, they will be there in time for the weekend!

See what the rest of our lovely ladies are up to today over at…


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5 thoughts on “Dipy Week #56 ~ Tuesday. 11:33am.

  1. Oh, I love this idea. We had some crazy cookie mania at our house for awhile too. I was very glad to get all of the cookies delivered.

  2. Oh, that is RICH my friend seeing as how I haven’t posted but what, twice this week? ;)

    I wish I had some of those cookies here tonight. Wait, no I don’t. Wait, yes I do. LOL!

  3. Think I’m gonna add that theme to my list, fun! We turned in our cookie money last week, so glad it’s over. But the cookies themselves will stay on my body a little longer.

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