Loving on Monday.


I know I am most likely in the minority today, but there are a few things I’m loving this very fine Monday morning:

  • Those two girls. And the fact that that photo up there was completely unprompted. I just asked the girls if I could take some photos of them for Daddy for his birthday and I got this while they were messing around. I am convinced that Emma is the best big sister ever, and I think Addie might agree with me.
  • No school today. It was a very busy month for us and we have been rewarded with a teacher in-service day on this here last day of January. The girls slept in and we are looking forward to a day of “catch-up” around the house and I get an extra day to finish this month’s newsletter and work on some client work.
  • Our new sofa. It has plenty of room for all of us to stretch out and do our own thing.
  • Streaming Netflix. The girls are obsessed with the old Munsters tv show and are watching them (while playing Barbies) right now on one end of the sofa.
  • New soccer season. Although my aching hip and knee are reminders that I am not in nearly as good of shape as I think I am, it did feel so good to be back out running around on the soccer field again yesterday. And J. was an awesome goalie (not his usual position) so we won.
  • My Nespresso coffee maker. My coffee habits have been transformed. I haven’t visited a Starbucks in weeks. And I honestly like the coffee I make at home even better than my old Starbucks standby. (Blasphemy, I know!) When I was little, I used to have milk with a splash of coffee on Saturday mornings watching cartoons with my Dad, and I think that is what influenced how I now like my coffee. I really like lattes – lots of milk, and my new coffee maker makes them fast and delicious. Mmmm. Yes. I think I may need another one while I sit here on the new sofa, working on that newsletter and watching my two loves play.

12 thoughts on “Loving on Monday.

  1. Ohhhh, I need to check out that Nepresso coffee maker. Sounds too good to be true. Super sweet photo of your precious girls.

  2. Love love love that photo. Such sweet girls.

    Netflix streaming is AWESOME. Zoe and Ana have found so many fun things to watch that way.

  3. You need to make the girls the model of how siblings should behave. Put them up on billboards, in literature, etc…. They are perfect! I pray may girls will look at each other w/o malice. Being so loving would be a true miracle. :) Congrats on the new sofa and coffee maker.

  4. This photo of the girls is to die for! This is so sweet, an I am too convince that Emma is an awesome big sister!
    I love Netflix too, but if my boys watch Garfield Pet Force one more time I might scream!

  5. Such a beautiful picture. I am quite jealous…as I sit and read this my two kids are beating the tar out of each other.

  6. The photo is pure joy Carrie. What amazing light, and amazing little girls. Love that you have so much to love about Monday. (And now I’m totally going to check out Munsters for B!) ♥ streaming netflix.

  7. Ahem….*sniff*….I must print a copy of that photo. My beautiful nieces indeed. Happy Monday!

  8. What a little ripper of a photo! You are a blessed mummy. GO THE MUNSTERS! Our latest kitten is called Lily after Lily Munster :-)
    Oh and make me a cup of coffee while you’re there will you?

  9. This is pure wonderfulness, Carrie! I love how present you and in life, able to appreciate and enjoy these little things which really are oh-so-big.

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