9 thoughts on “Ladybug Invasion ~ Wordless Wednesday

  1. Woah! Woah! That is way too many ladybirds for comfort if you ask me! Never thought I’d get squeamish over ladybirds but…..woah…that’s a LOT of bugs!!!! Guess you’re releasing them to catch aphids or something?

  2. We have REAL ladybug invasions in the fall (they come in the house and are EVERYWHERE) and aren’t so cute then. But you’ve nearly managed to win me over by throwing in the gorgeous flower and knowing that the girls had so much fun hunting them down. :)

  3. What a brilliant idea. My kids would go crazy over those ladybugs too. Where did you get them? I totally want to steal all of your birthday ideas for Harper’s birthday party. You sure are one creative mama!!

  4. I love that first photo – very cool. Congratulations on pulling off such a successful birthday party!

  5. Ummm…wow. That is generally what it looks like under our siding and on our front door in the spring and Fall. We have an invasion, but not on purpose LOL! I bet the kids got a real kick out of it, though. :)

  6. Wow…that is a LOT of ladybugs.

    Unfortunately in my book, ladybugs are still BUGS, which means they totally creep me out.


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