Dipy Thursday – Week #10

Last week my partner-in-crime had a little secret to share (or, maybe a very BIG secret?!) and this week it is my turn. Kimberly chose Supper, as in The Last Supper – fittingly for this week, as our theme. Although out here in La-La land we usually refer to that last meal of the day as dinner. (Because all the stuff you eat while you watch TV isn’t a meal – so it doesn’t count calorie-wise, right??)

Anyhow, you say “supper,” I say “dinner.”  In our house if J. is away…it usually looks like breakfast. Not ordinarily as low-tech as just Cheerios like here, I try to throw some fruit in there, as well. And many times it is oatmeal, eggs or even pancakes. But any way you slice it, we LOVE breakfast for dinner around here.

Meanwhile, our wild child friend is serving her little cherubs yummies like this! I even see a veggie or two in there!

Supper/Dinner Diptych #10

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10 thoughts on “Dipy Thursday – Week #10

  1. Can I just tell you that I love, I mean LOVE, the bright blue of that bowl? I imagine even a helping of raw broccoli would taste better just for being in that vessel. ;)

    And you know, your shot reminds me of my dad. Growing up he always had a big bowl of cereal right before going to bed. Mmmm, makes me want some frosted flakes (but oh the points!) right now. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. I think we are having breakfast for dinner tonight. When we have breakfast for dinner it usually means I am about out of food. I love that both shots are in bowls. Now I am hungry. I am off to get a snack.

  3. Kimberly, my dad, too!!! And we love breakfast for dinner too. What a treat it is for the kids. Well, OK, for me too. Now I have to go find out what Kimberly’s eatin’. Yum.

  4. I love the contrast between the 2 shots. ;) I’ve had those days when a bowl of cereal is the perfect bit of dinner or supper or last meal of the day. LOL

  5. I think I could happily eat breakfast-for-dinner every single day for the rest of my life. Love it!! I also love that cherrfully bright blue bowl.

  6. We say dinner and I do the same thing, my husband is away and we have been having breakfast for dinner.

  7. Himself is the breakfast for every meal man although his poison is bacon and eggs. If the BA and I are out somewhere we always come home to the lingering smell of bacon and eggs for dinner…again! This dipy has sparked a lot of conversation hasn’t it? :-)

  8. yep, breakfast for dinner is always a big hit at our house. even if it’s just cheerios. harrison & i love fried cheerios, in fact. i know, weird…but strangely tasty sauted with a bit of butter:).

  9. It is SO TIME to jump back on board! Gotta score me a partner! We eat breakfast for dinner too, sometimes – can’t go wrong there!

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