Crafty Tuesday

I don’t have a ton of craftiness to show today, nor very good photos, but (cue the excuses…) I have two very good reasons for my lack of crafts this week. (And as usual my excuse for poor photos – waiting til the very last minute to take them, and not a ray of natural light to be found.)

So, first of all, J. is leaving for two weeks this morning for the ProBowl and SuperBowl. Which means that a bunch of the past weekend was spent hanging out with Daddy and packing him up for his trip. It was more extensive than it sounds, believe me.

And secondly, I started training in earnest again for the triathlon season. I was a bit slacking last year, but I have already signed up for the Pasadena one in March (in.eight.weeks!) and I’m planning on finding at least two others this summer to keep me motivated and training this time. So I found myself a sucker, training partner, my friend B., and we have been mapping out our workouts, most of which we try to do in the morning. Which pushes my errands, laundry, day-to-day stuff into the afternoon. Which pushes other stuff (PTA, work, blogging, photo-ing, etc…) into the wee evening hours. Which? Leaves not very much time for crafting. And also hasn’t allowed me to put anything up in the store, which I had hoped to do after the first of the year.

But, well…February is still “after the first of the year” now, isn’t it? So there is always hope.

After I did all that complaining that I was SuperCape’d out, I did make another one for Addie & Em’s dear little friend Frankie. She turned 4 and her mom said she has taken to running around yelling, “Frankie! Flower Power!” So this special edition flower cape was created just for her.


I actually really liked the color of this cape. It was a nice change from the blue, pink and purple I ususally do.


I also made a little blanket for Maverick. It looks suspiciously like the burp cloths I made for him, no? Well, come to find out Meesh was using the cloths as little blankies for him. But, as babies are prone to do, he went and started growing and stuff and the burp cloths are not cutting it any longer. So this should hold him for a year or two…


I have another baby gift ready to go out to my cousin, too. But it hasn’t actually been put in the mail yet – and I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so I’ll save it for next week.

How about all of you? Have you been busy bees?

8 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. Mav’s blanket is perfection! You may not have done much crafting this week but what you did was sure beautiful!

  2. That cape is super cute and love the blanket. At least you are crafting! I haven’t done anything in my sewing for weeks. Just tired out, I guess. Well, I did do all that painting, so I guess I have an excuse, right?? Once February hits, I’ll be back in the saddle. Promise. :)

  3. I bet you can make those capes in your sleep. They always turn out super cute. The blanket is adorable. I am sure he will cherish it. I have a couple things up today.

  4. So excited to hear about your triathalon training & race! Very nice you have a partner nearby…I only have virtual partners & one who is willing to meet for about 10 miles once a month!

  5. The color of that cape is awesome – I love me some “turqu-green” as Nadia calls it! Good luck with your training. You do SO MUCH, Carrie!

    I was doing SO WELL for a few weeks there…and now no Crafty Tuesday from me again this week. Sigh. I’ll get back to it, I promise myself that…in the meantime, I have plenty of excuses.

  6. “Frankie! Flower Power!” – that has me smiling. I can just picture some little girl wearing that cape and running around yelling that. :)

    I didn’t know you could do blankies too! Love that decorative edge stitch.

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