Crafty Tuesday

I did not forget this week! I haven’t touched my sewing machine or any of my craft materials since before Christmas, but I can show those Christmas gifts that I got to deliver last week.

Well, actually…I can show a few of them. You’d think I would do a much better job of remembering to take photos of the projects. And remember to take them during the daylight in a nice well (natural) lit spot. But I did neither of these. Again.

I made my niece a messenger bag.


Complete with a little bird applique. Of course. And birdie material for the lining.


I guesstimated her height (ah, as tall as me?!!) just about right and it hits on her hip. I was pleased. And I think she liked it.


And I made a bag for my sister, too. I’ve had this pink/brown bird fabric for months and months just waiting for a good project to use it on. I really like it with the brown.


Alexis modeling for me, again. I made Meesh’s bag a little bit longer to hold her laptop or file folders, etc. (Or I suppose diapers and baby toys, too?)


And I finished my mom’s bag at the very last minute as well – and then never took a pic of it. I’ll have to bug her or Dad and see if they’ll send me a photo of it. I made hers deeper so that she could carry 12×12″ scrapbooking papers and stuff for when she goes to her card classes. It is a khaki color with an awesome natural print for the lining. And an initial C in the contrasting fabric. I also really liked hers. I think I finally got the proportions right on hers. It would also make a good shopping bag.

I’m anxious to get to the list of projects that I’d like to work on, but we have three birthday parties on Saturday, and all the kids are getting SuperCapes. So guess what I’m doing this week?

How about all of you? It is safe to show all the Christmas goodies now!

9 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. Hi Bean, glad you made it home alright…. The bags are so cool. I love mine, and can’t wait to use it. My stamping up party is here tomorrow night, and I can’t wait to show all the girls.
    Miss you already
    Love you all

  2. Don’t forget about those darling cup cozies you made for us and the GREAT calendar again this year! The bags are cool but you did a lot more than that. Hope your trip back was uneventful! Love you guys!!

  3. I haven’t touched my sewing machine since before Christmas either. I have a whole list of things I would LIKE to do too, but it will have to wait for another month or so. I don’t have any presents for today, but rounded up a little bit of evidence that I have still been crafty.

  4. I bet your family members were so pleased to get such thoughtful gifts from you. I love that you took into consideration what each person would be using their bag for and then sized them appropriately. Such thoughfulness! And lovely execution too.

  5. Super cute bags – I was just thinking today that would be a good project to put on the list. Do you use patterns/tutorials for most of your projects, or just “wing it?”

  6. LOve those bags, especially the brown ‘M’ one! And yes…..overlockers(sergers) are awesome and you NEED one :-D !!!!!!! I can’t believe you do everything you do without one! I can’t remember what I did without one!!!!

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