Everyone’s a photographer.

My new camera has become a fun toy for everyone who runs across it.

It has been in Addie’s hands (and camera strap FIRMLY around her neck) nearly as much as it has been in mine. Last night she was shooting portraits, and she had some pretty good shots. She took this one of Papa…


And this one of Nana…


Oops. Well, 99 out of 100 isn’t too bad. Actually after she took this one she looked at the display and said, “Oh, no. I forgot Nana’s head in this picture!”

Then, Nana decided to get behind the camera instead of getting her head cut off. And she captured some sort of sugar rush craziness that had enveloped my children. They were right there on the floor in the middle of the circus at Nana & Papa’s house…


The girls and I have decided that enough is enough. We need to get out of here before we all turn into snowmen…

(Photo also by Nana)

We actually really are heading out today. J. left yesterday for a quick trip to the east coast and the girls and I are getting ready to drive back to Chicago to catch an early morning flight on Monday. Then we’ll meet back up with J. in good ‘ol, sunny, warm, LA.

We just might be thawed out after the five hour flight.

6 thoughts on “Everyone’s a photographer.

  1. Everyone’s a photographer – love that post title! Hey, Addie is a natural. I find the headless shot VERY artistic. ;) Safe travels!

  2. Cute! So glad you and everyone else are enjoying your camera! It was so hot yesterday I wore sandals….no joke. Cooler today, some frost on the roofs but it will feel like Jamaica to you!

    Happy NEW Year! :)

  3. Love the pictures- glad you got to spend the Holidays with family- and I’m with you on the warm weather, though its not as warm down here as you enjoy in SoCal :)

  4. I am SO happy that we got to be a part of that circus and could spend time with you and the girls and even got to see James. Hope your trip back went a lot better than part of the ride over to Chicago. Have a wonderful warm California day when you get home. We sure do love you guys!

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