Sticky Sweet ~ Best Shot Monday

We call her “our little sugar bear.” The girl looooves sugar. She is a pretty adventurous eater and likes a lot of “good-for-her” things to eat too, but the girl has never met a sugar she doesn’t like.

And one of her favorite sugary treats is cotton candy. You know. The stuff that is basically just sugar and some lovely blue artificial coloring. It is as sweet as can be, and so very sticky, too!

How can I get my (not yet sticky enough) fingers on some cotton candy?


What if I look all innocent and sweet like this? Who can say no to those cheeks and the curl?




This is what I’m talkin’ about!


Sticky finger good.


And my favorite shot – my best shot for the week. All that sugar sure does this girl good.
She is pure sweetness.



13 thoughts on “Sticky Sweet ~ Best Shot Monday

  1. Hi Rebekah -
    I was working on a post about the fires…it may get done sometime this week. But yes, the one fire is VERY close and we have had to stay indoors because of poor air quality. At night we just look up to our mountain and we can see the glow of the fires. And during the day we can’t see the mtn. at all because it is shrouded in smoke. Scary for sure – but it would have to come down the mountain and through a whole city to get to us, so we are not in danger. Other than the air…and the headaches…and the stink!

    The other one that is almost contained was to the other side of us – so we were sandwiched in between them in the valley. Please pray for cool temps this week and for the poor fire fighters who have been up there non-stop for a week!

  2. Pure sweetness indeed!! I just read your comment about the fires. Scary. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

  3. yikes, scary reading about the fires near you!

    My goodness, that girl really knows how to work it! Those eyes and the curl especially – who could say no?! She sounds so much like N – my girl LOVES her fruis and veggies, but she double LOVES her sugar!

  4. I’ve been worried about how close the fires are to you and am glad to hear that you are “safe”.

    I want to see the picture of the blue tongue after eating the cotton candy. Zach was a complete blue mess when he ate his but you know how he moves a mile a minute and nothing is neat with him.

  5. Awww….When did that baby face start looking so old????? Could it be an impending birthday that makes her look so much older or is it just the pics?

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