You Might Be A Big Fish In A Little Pond.

Inevitably every time we get into the car Addie will pipe up with, “Can you play You might be a big fish, in a little po-oond?(Otherwise known as Lost, by Coldplay.)

She loves that song and I love to hear her sing it, so I gladly turn it on and feed her obsession.

That exact phrase popped into my head when I opened up this photo last week. She really is struggling right now with wanting to be a big fish, but also wanting to be treated like the baby fish in the family, too.

Big fish

And no, she didn’t really test these fins in the water. She was actually very un-fishlike while we were at Nana and Papa’s. Emma more than made up for Addie, though. Em didn’t seem to mind the chilly water one bit, and I was forced to drag out of the pool every night. (Remind you of someone else years ago, Mom and Dad?)

I think that Nana and Papa don’t believe Addie really can swim, however, they do finally see that she is very stubborn.

She will swim when she feels like it. And not a minute sooner.


6 thoughts on “You Might Be A Big Fish In A Little Pond.

  1. I love the flippers. It appears I have two fish at my house and I too have to drag them out of the water kicking and screaming.

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