Crafty Tuesday

Hello, my crafty peeps! A happy Tuesday to you all. I am completely in a sewing zone, but figured I had better take a break for a few to post something for our Crafty Tuesday today.

I got invited by my craft-aliscious friend, Jamie, (the one who gave me the book - my current obsession!) to a private paper crafting party this past weekend. So after a decadent breakfast we ventured over to PaperSource and had a little paper fun. By the way, the PaperSource is my achilles heel. It is the most amazing store and I always find a million things that I cannot live without.

Speaking of which, why did nobody clue me into the amazing world of embossing? I think I might be in love with embossing. Just a little.

We embossed some cool cards and envelopes…


And we also learned how to do envelope lining, which I will most definitely be doing a lot of from now on…



And a few others…


I LOVE this one. We used chalk stamppads for this…


One of these days I will prepare a little ahead of time, and maybe actually take some photos in the nice natural daylight so that they actually look decent, instead of scrambling around at the last minute on Monday night. For now, back to the sewing machine!

Whatchu got for me today?

10 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. Aloha! I too am a fan of embossing. Did you use stamp pads and powder? I did the BA’s birth announcement with an embossed Pooh bear. I was in a Winnie-the-Pooh phase at the time. I LOVE the second and third ones. Lining envelopes…wow! They co-ordinate so well with the cards too. But, pray tell, what is a chalk stamp pad?

    Today I have for you the finally finished baby cardigan I started in the last holidays :-)

  2. Wow Bean…… great cards. I love the embossed ones. You will have to fill me in on the chalk ones when you are home. Can’t wait to see you and the girls.

  3. As soon as I read your message, I knew your mom would be all over those ideas — and I was right! They are absolutely beautiful and so professional looking. I now know where my artistic ability went — to my very talented niece. But that is fine because you are doing such great things with it. :) )
    Love to all of you,
    Aunt Vicki

  4. Wow, I just love paper. I could totally get into all that. Especially the lined envelopes. Are you saving the sewing for next week?

  5. Those are amazing Carrie. I have never done embossing, but your cards make me want to try it!!! Paper is a major weakness for sure. I have a little something up today.

  6. Those cards are so very pretty! Love the embossing on them. I haven’t tried that yet, but read about it in Scrapbooking etc. mag that I get. Looks like a lot of fun!

    Have fun sewing, too! Can’t wait to see your projects. :)

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