A “Tiny” Tyke on a Trike ~ Best Shot Monday

Our little “Triker” in her first trike-a-thon.

As she was racing around the track on Saturday, I caught myself yelling “Go, Tiny!” And I thought, “she is probably really going to hate that nickname in a few years.”

Plus, she is anything but “Tiny,” anymore. And she was not even that “Tiny” when she was born. But when she came out she seemed just so much tinier than our two-and-a-half year old who was at home waiting to be a big sister. J. kept calling her “Tiny” and, I guess, it just sort of stuck.

Tiny tyke on a trike

Even though she is pedaling fast towards being four-years old (a little too quickly if you ask me!), she is, and always will be our sweet, little “Tiny” Rosey-Toes. And she did us proud on Saturday.

And, all the pieces of my triathlon relay team is now complete. Em can run, Ad can bike, and Mama will swim. Perfect.


13 thoughts on “A “Tiny” Tyke on a Trike ~ Best Shot Monday

  1. such a great shot — she looks so proud :) ! we have a kids’/family triathlon here that we all love: 100 yd swim, 2 mile bike, half-mile run. it’s so much fun for everyone!

  2. Yay Addie! That is such a sweet shot of her…

    Sounds like fun and almost 4…wow!

    Have a wonderful week~ :)

  3. Nice shot. She looks very happy on that trike! My son is around the same age, but is already too tall for his, so we’re going bike shopping next week. Talk about growing too quickly!

  4. Looks like you have a great team ready to go! She is adorable and looks quite proud of herself. I’m sure she did well. :)

  5. Yay Ad! She is just too cute for words…I don’t know how you stand it. She almost looks to big for that trike…next thing you know, she’ll have a two wheeler! Ack!

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