All Girls, All Weekend ~ Best Shot Monday

Props to Daddy this weekend. He endured a LOT of girly-ness and a lot of girl-centered activities. Yes, he was trying to make up for forcing football on all of us for the past two years, but at any rate, he pulled through on some pretty great activities this weekend. And I’m pretty certain is anxious to get back to work this morning where the estrogen level is surely at a more acceptable level.

First up, he got us tickets to the World Figure Skating Championships on Friday night at the Staples Center. Not just any tickets, but tickets in one of the luxury suiteswhich was, well…pretty sweet.  The tickets were for the Free Dance session, which is always a fun one to watch, although it started at 6:30pm. Which means we saw the “B team.” The “A team” skates later in the evening. The girls made it until about 9pm, and then we beat a hasty retreat before full meltdown mode could ensue.

We had an extra ticket so Emma brought her friend Avery and then the girls had their first official, non-visiting friend sleepover. Since it was so late when we got home I thought surely they would sleep until at least until 8:30am, maybe 9? Right?

Right. Not exactly. All three of the girls were back up and at ‘em by 7am.

So Saturday started early. Very early. In the afternoon we took the girls to see Monsters vs. Aliens. They had been counting down the days til it opened, and I knew we would probably take them, but since it also coincided with the report cards going home on Friday, (and Emma’s was outstanding, again!) we told Em we’d take her because of her good report. It is a cute movie. AND has a girl superhero, which I can really get behind. Emma has been spouting off lines from the movie all weekend. She really is her Daddy’s daughter!

And then Sunday, Daddy scored more tickets. This time to the inaugural game for the Women’s Professional Soccer league. We cheered our LA Sol team onto a 2-0 victory. It was the first real soccer match I had ever been to, and I think it renewed Em’s desire to play soccer again. So it was a successful game on many levels.

I did tote my camera around a little more this weekend than I have the past few weeks, and I’ll get some photos edited and up soon. But this one is my favorite from the weekend, and my BSM for today.

First of all, we have a much larger tub in our room, and why we didn’t use that one – I’m not sure. But I just love the bedheads on all three of them, as they cram into the tub, shoulder to shoulder, and try to wake up from their little sleep-deprived fog on Saturday morning.


15 thoughts on “All Girls, All Weekend ~ Best Shot Monday

  1. I love, love, love this shot. Even without the writing above, it tells a story. And I love the colors!

    What a daddy! You go, Mr.!

  2. MY goodness, that was a weekend jampacked with fun and excitement! I bet you’re ready for Monday just so you can recover. ;) three tousled heads in a row is so cute.

  3. LOVE the photo.

    Zoe had a couple things to say though
    1. Why are they backwards?
    2. Who are those girls?
    and… when I told her they were Addie, Emma and Avery… she wanted to know “Why is my Avery (her cousin) with those girls?”


  4. That is indeed a super cute shot of the three little heads. I remember those days so well. I particularly remember the Ariel dolls!!!! The one with the tail used to change colour in warm water as I recall.

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