Crafty Tuesday

Pink and purple and sparkles…that is what little girls’ ballet bags are made of.

I have been wanting to make a bag for her ballet slippers since Em started dancing, oh…three years ago or so. And now her friend has started dance class as well, and I thought a bag would be a good gift for her.  Finally I was able to find pink, purple, sparkly fabric with toe shoes on it.

So, bags were made yesterday!

Ballet bag

Emma’s face when I handed her bag to her was priceless. “OH, Mama! I really love it,” she squealed. And then Elizabeth and her ballet clothes were put into the bag within the first five minutes and we headed over to the park.

Em's bag

Perhaps, I’ll have to make her a bag/backpack to carry Elizabeth. I can’t even imagine the reaction I would get from that one.

0 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. What a good momma you are! I can see why she loves it – great job! Now, don’t those expressions make it all worth while? That’s one of the reasons I love making stuff for my kids. They are *usually* really appreciative of it. :)

  2. Oh, that is darling! I love that Elizabeth is in her dance clothes, ready to go.

    Those bags are so cute and handy….

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