Hula Ballerina

More from our prima ballerina. Yesterday was their summer dance recital and Em did wonderfully, of course. She is a true performer, lost her grass skirt at the end of the piece, but still managed to get it back on and finish up the dance, bows, etc. Miss Claire’s “she is a such a trooper” comment is about Em, so definitely watch til the end! It is cute.

The video:

I’m working on getting some pics up, too. For now, here is my favorite one of the day. She seriously looks like she is twice her age, so tall, perfect form. Looks like a true ballerina.


We stayed to watch the little dancers (ages 2-3), which is the class that Addie will be in this fall. She has Miss Claire right now for a little music and dance class, so she knows and loves Miss Claire already. Anyhow, as the little girls were doing their dance, everything Miss Claire was telling them to do, Addie would do on my lap. She was following directions better than half of the dancers on stage!

I’m so very excited to have two little ballerinas in the house. Yes, I always wanted to be a ballet dancer. I think I might be living a little bit vicariously through the girls in this aspect, but as long as they love it, too, it isn’t really hurting anyone, right?

0 thoughts on “Hula Ballerina

  1. Em

    You are my favorite Wahine, ask mom what that means. You did another great job on your dance.


  2. Oh, what a little lady!! She is an adorable ballerina! And yes, it’s okay to live a little through your kids. Just as long as you don’t end up being one of those pushy stage moms (which I know you won’t).


  3. What a natural!! She is so beautifull and she did an awesome job. She totally knew what she was doing and didn’t get flulstered about the skirt – what a pro!

    PS – I think we all do a little vicarious living. Afterall, our kids have so many more opportunities – and it’s only natural to want them to be better than we. So, a little vicarious living is okay and I’m sure you won’t go overboard on that.

  4. That was just too cute! I adore little ballerinas and hope Nadia will want to dance (vacarious living here, too!). Em is a natural, so poised and sure of herself. Congrats, Emma!

    P.S. My goodness does she look all grown up in that still!

  5. I can’t believe you have two kids …. they are beautiful. I hope all is well … Vic emailed me today & showed me her blog and through hers found yours … Send my love to your family. xoxo

  6. I really have to go to work and I can’t stop watching the video and reading your blog……I’m so glad you had a great time in the city. I just came back last Sunday,,,,I had my grammer school reunion and we had so so so much fun…there were 22 of us out of 40.
    You are the best!!!!!!!! today is thursday the 11th of Oct.2007

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