My dearest Addikins -

Today you are finally an “official” teenager. It is a little surreal that you are no longer considered “a little kid,” I mean…you are a teenager…on your way to high school, driving, and ALL THE THINGS!

IMG_9929And while I love watching you grow up into this amazing young woman full of wonder and love, a tiny part of me still wants to go back to when you were a baby in my arms instead of having to fight you to hold all the cute babies now.

IMG_5510While you still LOVE kitties with all of your being, your idea of what you want to be “when you grow up” has changed from being a “vegetarian veterinarian” (what you used to tell everyone – but you really only wanted to help cats) and it continues to change each week.IMG_6322

Maybe a dancer?


Maybe a baker?


Maybe working with kids?


Or maybe a gardener?


Or a scientist?


Whatever it is you decide, Rosie Toes – you are going to be spectacular, I have no doubt. You are determined, smart and incredibly gifted with so many talents, and I just know your first year as a teenager is going to be a great adventure.

IMG_5406Love you with all my heart, Addikins. Happy 13!


One thought on “Thirteen!

  1. Oh. This is my first trip over here for a while and this post just melted my heart. I remember the first picture I saw of Addie, in a Best Shot Monday: a tiny little porcelain doll of a child, with the light falling across her face just so. *sigh. So grateful to have journeyed with you guys and watched your beautiful girls grow and develop. Happy birthday Addie! Keep dancing! It keeps you young xxxxxxx

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