Start of Summer.

Only 8 more get-ups until summer vacation. (Well, technically only 7 for me since I’m already up.)

But 8 more “getting the girls up and out the door.” Eight more days of packing lunchboxes. EIGHT more days til we are off of the “have to dos” and on to the “want to dos.”

May has been craaaaazy. As I’m sure you can deduce from the lack of posts over here, and the abundance of snapshots and status updates over on Facebook. It is easier to snap a photo with my phone and Instagram it, than it is to actually sit down at my computer, download real photos and write. I just can’t seem to string three free minutes together to do anything, much less to try and sort out the chaos over here.

But, let’s try. What has been happening…

Well, baby Amelia finally made her appearance. And although we haven’t seen as much of her as Emma would like, that was an exciting start to May.

We moved our school Carnival from October to May this year, which at the time seemed like a great move, and we raised LOTS of money so I suppose it was, but it just added to the craziness of the end of the year. It was lots of work, lots of fun.


We finished up the Girl Scout year with two field trips. (Yes, both in May because we are masochistic like that.) One to the LA Zoo to work on the World Scout Patch…


And one to our local Wilderness Center where the girls are doing their Service Project in the fall. Oh, and we had a combined recycling drive and food drive in there somewhere, too. It’s all so hazy.


Two Birdies have been really, really busy. Besides stadium chairs and glassware wedding gifts, we made one of our favorite friends some rocking Roller Derby tees for her birthday. (And then we all went rollerskating for the first time – it was easily the first time I’d been on skates in 25 years. Funny how it is kind of like riding a bike – you don’t really forget how. Thankfully.)


We finished our living room project! I’m going to devote a whole post to that because the transformation is kind of amazing, at least to all in our household. I’ll try to take some photos of it today. But it took, of course, longer than expected and was difficult to coordinate in the midst of everything else going on. When will I learn?

So now we are in the last two-week crunch. I can’t look at my calendar without having full on anxiety. So I look at what needs to be done today, make sure I get some good workouts in, and just power on. It is all going to get done.

Up this week…we have the Variety Show on Friday evening. My co-chair and I are trying to move it outdoors in the field for the first time. So this is presenting all kinds of new complications. Em’s crew is dancing again…


And Addie’s crew from last year (Lollipop Girls) have morphed into the Happy Girls and are doing the sweetest little song/dance number, EVER. She is also in another act with her friend EJ. (Which doesn’t at all make it more crazy.)


So that is Friday night. And Saturday afternoon they are in the musical at church. Em is actually playing one of the Josephs (there are 3!) in a show about Joseph and his life. I’m trying to sew some amazing technicolor coats for that right now.

And we have end-of-year parties, each of them are in a class play/production (Gah, must make a covered wagon today, too!) and then…THEN, it will all be over.


Summer can’t come soon enough.


3 thoughts on “Start of Summer.

  1. I think I will wait until after June 15th to even expect to hear anything from any of you out there. I had a couple of weeks something like yours and am so thankful it is behind me! I KNOW you can do it — you are just that kind of mom!

  2. I can confidently assure you that all this will pay off in the future. There will be a time where you can go ‘ahhhhhh’ as they move off into their own orbits. There will be moments where you lament your lack of involvement and there will be moments where you sit back and sigh and know that you ‘done good’.
    No one is more likely to experience the latter than you. Awesome person and extraordinary mother!

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