Crafty Tuesday

I know I promised you a Baby CT today, and I had high hopes of finishing everything on our task list for the nursery, but I only finished the quilt. In all honesty, that was the “big” thing on the list anyhow, so I guess that is good. We still have a pillow, a changing pad cover and maybe a few basket liners to finish up and baby A’s room will be done. Here is the quilt before we handed it over…



I used this pattern from Bijou Lovely and the fabric is from our Michael Levine scouting trip and a lot of the quilt is from the Honey Honey by Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics line that I got off of


And here it is with the bedskirt and bunting all tucked into the nursery…


It’s looking kinda amazing in there. I think JB is going to want to just hang out in there day and night once baby gets here.

Of course I am not the only one super excited for baby A to get here. Addie has been incredibly impatient with me – she really wants to make a pillow for her cousin. So that is on the docket for this week, too.


More baby stuff on the way…and I have a few little things up my sleeve as in ONE WEEK, next Crafty Tuesday in fact, my baby will be turning 10. Double digits. So you can imagine our excitement and fury in getting a few things crafted up!

4 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. Very pretty quilt! Glad that Addie is getting to know the sewing machine, too. Anya is getting interested now, too. I got a few baby blankets done last week, too. I think my pics are a bit dark on my machine at work, though. Got to get used to my new setup at home for processing my pictures.

  2. Wow, the colours look so different in the first two pics. It is just mouthwatering! I love strong colours in baby rooms. That picture of Addie on the machine is adorable. I so wish I had had a crafty daughter. Oh well, maybe a grandaughter…..?????? I have been sewing but I am not happy with the results so I’m not posting yet :-(

  3. What a lucky baby! That room is so darling! That Addie is turning into Carrie #2 — a good deal for any kid I think! She looks so serious on that picture. It must be fun for you to have her so interested.

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