Flashback 7 years or so.

After our Winter in Cali post yesterday I got these lovely photos in my inbox and a little note from my Dad. I didn’t “clear” this with him, but I figure he won’t mind me featuring him as a “guest blogger” today and sharing his lovely flashback of our sweet (only 2 1/2 year-old!) Em. Although, I think the photo credits must go to Nana since Papa is in some of the photos. Addie must have been only a few months old? I *think* J and I went to a Michigan football game. I don’t know…honestly, it was 7 1/2 years ago, who has that kind of memory?

Care -
I thought of these pics as soon as I saw your post today.

They only feature Emma, cuz Addie was in the house with Nana having a bottle (Addie that is, not Nana).



Sierra Exif JPEG Sierra Exif JPEG Sierra Exif JPEGSierra Exif JPEGI can barely stand the cuteness. I had almost forgotten the crazy fly-away orangutan hair she was always sporting, too! Thanks for this step back in time, Dad.

4 thoughts on “Flashback 7 years or so.

  1. First of all – I laughed out loud at the orangutan hair comment!

    And B) (haha – my kids crack up when I do that…First, then “B” and thirdly)..anyway…..

    And next, I love the second picture. Even though you can’t see Em’s face – you can just imagine the look on it….looks like she is ready to spring into her Papa’s arms! So much body language in that photo!!


    Lastly, your dad is funny (Addie that is – not Nana)

  2. OMG, too cute. I love the hair, Carmela has some crazy hair that I can’t wait to see what it will do. Don’t you love finding old pictures and reminiscing. I look back of photos of the boys and just can’t believe they were once that little.

  3. Precious!!!! I once found a roll of film (yes REAL film) from when the BA was 6 months old. When I finally had it printed she must have been 6. It was the weirdest feeling.
    ………..(orangutan hair ..heh heh heh)

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