It’s like we live in the “olden times.”

We use our fireplace a lot in the winter. The days might still be sunny and warm-ish here in California, but the nights get chilly! This morning it was a mere 45 degrees when I went out for my run, so yeah…we like to have a fire in the evening. Plus our fireplace is in our living room where our TV and our computer lab (both laptops and a few ipads) are, so almost every evening after the girls pop off to bed, that is where you can find J. and I.

Last year I did a little barter with the tree man – he trimmed our giant ash and avocado trees and I built him a website and got him listed on Yelp. So when I saw that he had firewood for sale, delivered, at a reasonable price, I gave him a call thinking he might need a little web update in exchange for some wood. He didn’t, but he gave me an incredible deal just the same and after trying to stack it all, I’m quite certain he threw in some extra above the 1/2 cord that we had ordered, too.

So we got to work this afternoon hauling and stacking. At one point Emma commented, “It’s like we are Laura in ‘Little House on the Prairie.’ Having to haul all this wood.”

Yes. Just like the “olden times.” Having your wood all split and dried and delivered steps outside of your doorstep.

Look how thrilled they look.

4 thoughts on “It’s like we live in the “olden times.”

  1. Ha ha ha – those expressions are priceless!

    This reminds me that I wanted to get my fireplace and chimney inspected so that I can use it this year…and get some firewood!

  2. I’ve never seen those girls looking that sad! I thought it would help if Emma thought it was like “Little House” but I guess not even that was enough to bring on the smiles!

  3. ha! Their expressions are priceless!! oops – wait someone else just made that same comment! But it is soo true. I don’t think I’ve ever seen your sunny girls so bummed out EVER…and certainly not both at the same time. This photo is SUCH A KEEPER!!!

  4. Oh my! I know their pain. How is it that Himself and I are the ones who stack the wood at our place? AND our children are older!!!!! >:-( grrrrr

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