That is the sound of our week flying by.

I don’t know if it was the holiday Monday (yes, let’s blame it on that!) or the fact that EVERYthing started this week – ballet, piano, choir, soccer, girl scouts, (hmmm…maybe it is that?) but it has been incredibly insane around these parts and I completely flat-out missed Crafty Tuesday even!

Oh…and a certain little someone is expecting birthday celebrations this week, too. Her closet door this morning…

(Translation: Don’t Come In – Closed. 1 2 3 4 (with the four crossed out) count down to Addie’s birthday.)

Not that anyone is counting, right? God bless my spelling-challenged child. You would NEVER in a million years guess that she got almost all 100%s on her spelling tests last year, would you? The difference is…she WANTED to memorize the spelling lists. My stubborn (almost!) 7-year old.

Back to work. Got some meetings and parties to plan. We’ll be back over the weekend, I’m sure. Well, I intend to. Let’s just agree on – I hope to be back this weekend.

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