Last little bits of school.

I can’t believe that school has been out for nearly two weeks…wait, two weeks today(!) and I’m just now trying to get caught up. I fear if I don’t get these blogged…they will just get archived and forgotten. So at the very least, we are going to do a whirlwind trip down memory lane and why we were so insane around here the last month.

Addie’s “sculpture (?) was selected for the SG District Art Show. They wander through all the schools and select art and then have a gallery night. Em’s art was picked last year and the year before, this time it was Ad’s turn.


Um, it’s a cat. Of course it is.

Next up, we had a field trip (or three!) thrown in. The third graders visited the Botanic Gardens in Claremont and learned about the Gabrielino Indians.


When in Claremont…you do as the Indians did, I guess.


Next up…our little thespians performed in class plays. Addie was…of course, a cat in the Little Red Hen.


Em was one of the lead parts, as the King Snake in two performances of the Biomes play. She did an excellent job. I’m certain J. has video of this and I’ll try to get it up soon. My favorite line of hers was “NO! It’s because of my thermoregulation!” And you can bet all the kids in Mrs. J’s class know what thermoregulation is!


And then the church musical hit. The musical was Once Upon A Parable – and it was spectacular. The entire cast was fantastic. Em had quite a few different roles. Addie was…ha! No, not a cat. She was a piglet this time. And she even had some lines. I know that video exists of this one too…I promise…it’s coming.


Would you look at those t-shirts, though? I wonder where they had them done? ;)

Let’s see. We had two different dance recitals and all of the crazy rehearsals that went along with each. Em is taking a hip-hop class, so she shuffled to Party Rock Anthem.


She got to be one of the girls that runs down the aisle at the start – it was dark and they were all lit up with glow-sticks. She was really geeked about that and told Daddy where to get tix and what side to sit on for the “surprise.”

DSC_0036 (1)

There were no photos or video allowed – so the first shot is obviously before the recital. And I don’t know HOW that second shot got on my camera? Strange. I bought the DVD, so in a few weeks we’ll have the dance in all of its glory.

Next up we had a ballet recital for our prima ballerina. Addie loves her some ballet, it is the one thing I never have to ask twice about, she is always ready to go and always dancing around and practicing. She is hoping to picked for the Select class so she will “get to” dance twice a week (aye!) like her ballet idols, Audrey and Yvette. She is fascinated with Yvette who went en pointe this year. (I am a little bit in awe of her myself, I must admit!)

The lovely ladies after the performance.


There is no keeping of the costumes and of course, no cameras or videoing allowed. And for this one I didn’t even try…we were really far back. I bought a snapshot for her book and yes…the DVD. It will be here soon, too.


They did an At The Movies recital, so Ballet I danced to Woody’s Roundup from Toy Story (hence the cowgirls!). Every year I am blown away by the production quality of their shows. It really does make the time and money so worth it. Addie dedicated her performance to her Daddy since he had to spend Father’s Day at the ballet. Smudge-y lipstick and all.


We had our end-of-year piano recital. This was Addie’s first performance in front of a real audience. She did great. Might have been a little nervous since she played a very fast Cinderella’s waltz, but she got up and did it which is more than I can say for me.


She would like me to include this photo so everyone can see that recitals are “great because you get to wear fancy dresses!”


Ems is an old pro at this piano thing, now. She played one of my favorite pieces she does and then she performed Hedwig’s Theme – from Harry Potter. She has been working on it for months now and Miss Suzanne finally gave the ok. She was really excited. But too fast on her bow, so I just got a blur of her fancy dress.


I love watching her play. She is so focused and looks so beautiful.

And…(I told you it was crazy around here!) we had a little outdoor party for our fabulous ladies who all have June birthdays!


I think the kids really liked the ice cream bar…


Yes…homemade ice cream. I’m obsessed now. I think I did 5 or 6 batches and there wasn’t really any left. So I think it was a success.

My favorite part was lighting and releasing our wish lanterns. Diane and Jamie started this tradition for my birthday and we have decided that it is a tradition we will do for everyone.

Light a lantern, make a wish, send it off.


The rocket scientist of the group – really, he IS a rocket scientist! – assures us that the fuel burns out when it gets up high and then it will just fall back to earth. My wish is that he is right.

I’m sure your wish is that this never-ending post will finally be over.

And it is.

Wishing you all a fantastic summer.

4 thoughts on “Last little bits of school.

  1. I am sure all of those events are a blur now. Good thing you are so good at documenting them!! I want some homemade ice cream now. I asked for either an ice cream maker or a juicer for my birthday. I got a juicer. I guess Mitch thinks I need juice instead of ice cream : )

  2. I always thought Ballet might be fun, but MY mother told me not to “pointe”

    Sorry, working on a script/jokes for a performance tonight, and my mind(?) is just on a roll I guess.

    Love the pics.

    Love you,

  3. What great pics — and even greater stars!! Cannot believe all the things your kids excel at and love doing it! You guys are doing a great job of parenting (and running them around to all of the performances)!!!!

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