A look at 40.

So, I turned 40 today. I think there has been a little trepidation of the big 4-0 for the past few weeks. I really liked being “thirty something.” Forty…40! It just seemed kind of…well, old.

But then I had a lovely “last night of being in my thirties,”  and I woke up to affirmations from my sweet husband that he “kinda liked having a 40-year old wife in bed next to him” and I realized that I didn’t really feel any different today than I did last week, or even last year.

So we started on with our day and went to get coffee and bagels. As I sat with our friend Mike, who we like to call our “California Dad/Grandpa,” I realized that I think we look forward to Saturdays with Mike and Zee as much as they do, and we are so incredibly lucky to start each Saturday out with them.

We went to pick up the girls who were staying with Aunt JB & Uncle Jeff while we went to the Coldplay (awesome!) concert on Friday night. And I thanked the luck of the universe that we have them to jump in when we need a little extra support, that they could offer the possibility of a sleep-in (even though we were both up before 8am!), and then they presented me with their most excellent “tower of 40″ gifts. (And pretty, pretty flowers too!)


I now have gift cards to spend at each of my favorite stores and awesome little gifts from each as well.

J. and the girls gave me their sweet cards and presents. And even though we were “doing the kitchen” as my birthday present, a few little gifts slipped in – including a little blue box. I didn’t…couldn’t…complain too much. ;)


I was overcome with love just watching the girls in their pure excitement for me to unwrap “their present now!”  How grateful I am for all three of them. And how lucky I am to be so loved by them.

I have been facebooking about the 40 card project that my friend Jamie (in cahoots with J and my parents) had masterminded and executed with such care and love. Today I received many more cards and I continue to be in awe at the friends and family who took time to send me such great memories and love.


I’m up to 23 cards in…including some serious ones that qualify as works of art – not even in the same category as other cards! My mom and dad’s is like a mini-scrapbook! I’m so thankfuI to them since I know how long something like this takes to complete.


We arrived home after lunch and a movie to an entire basket of 40 different chocolates and more love from a dear friend.


Just when I think the day is complete perfection, J. whisks me off to a friend’s home where an entire intimate dinner party is waiting for me. My favorite people and an entire night of perfect fun.

We started and ended with a cake of some sort. The “cheese (birthday) cake.”

Every detail beautifully tended to.

Great food.

40…yes, FORTY little thoughtful gifts.

All my favorite kids joining us for the most amazing dessert…it has moved to top of my all-time list.

The evening ended with a launching of my very own “wish” lantern. Just like the lanterns in Rapunzel.


My one short day of being 40 has taught me…that I really like being 40. Really. It has taken me 40 years, but I finally feel like we are right where we are supposed to be. Here with my family, surrounded by loved ones, in our beautiful little community of friends. I have arrived, my friends, and while it has been quite a ride, I’m so happy to finally be here.

8 thoughts on “A look at 40.

  1. Congratulations. So good to hear that you are satisfied and happy to be where you are in life. I don’t remember being quite so well balanced :-)
    I am intrigued by the ‘birthday girl’ on your plate. Is it for real or a photoshop addition?

  2. @Arizaphale – Chalkboard fabric! My crafty little Birdie #2 used it down the middle of the table and wrote out the seating arrangement in chalk! It was awesome.

  3. Has anyone ever turned 40 with more pzazz than you?! And why not? You would do all that in a heartbeat for anyone that you know — so you so deserve a great day!!!!!!!!!!! So happy that it was so wonderful for you! (P.S. We are home from vaca and as soon as we collect the mail from the P.O., you will have another card on the way. Just think of it as making your birthday last even longer!)

  4. It was all beautiful, and the pics to record/share the day were special too.
    We are so glad that you have Jamie and Jamie to make special things like this for you. You deserve this kind of day because of all the special things you do for others.


  5. Wow, what a great way to ring in a new decade! You are definitely surrounded by love. :) Happy birthday!

  6. How cute! Love these ideas;) I know you had a wonderful day:) *hugs*love*hugs*

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