Final Curtain Call.

Oh, hallelujah…the variety show is over. Not only was Em in the show again this year with her best friends, but Addie decided she was going to be in it, too. And not just one act – but she was in two different ones. And Mama was co-chairing and organizing the whole thing. Yes, many lessons learned – and many things we will NOT be doing next year. I’m lobbying for skipping a year and just attending the variety show as an audience member next year!

At any rate – the girls were fantastic! In retrospect, it was so fun and I was incredibly proud of the girls.

Addie and her friend Emma Jean sang and danced while dressed up as – what else? – CATS!

I give you the Stray Cat Strutters…

Then she had a quick change and she joined her other four friends to be a Lollipop Doll… (Addie’s the second from the right – turquoise leggings!)

And then Em and her girls kicked off Act II. They called themselves En Fuego…

All in all, I’m pretty impressed with all of the girls. There is NO WAY that I’d get up there and sing and/or dance in front of a PACKED auditorium. But it didn’t even phase them.

I’m just so thankful that it is over and to have one more thing done and checked off our list of to-dos. Bring on May!

(Thank you, J. for taking photos and videos of all of it while I ran around and tried to herd cats…er, I mean…children. Thank you too for the flowers and for being my rock when I’m about to crack. You are MY superstar!)

5 thoughts on “Final Curtain Call.

  1. The Costumes are AMAZING, and both girls did REALLY REALLY good.

    Looks like all of those dance lessons finally paid off.


  2. WOW…The girls were amazing.. You did a great job putting this all together. Congrats to you all.

  3. How FUN was that!!!!! The girls did a great job! You can tell they’ve had dance lessons because they move nicely to the music! Well done!!

    Did you choreograph all of that and make the costumes, too?

    GREAT JOB everyone!

  4. It has taken me a week to get to this because our internet was on go slow (thanks Small Boy for the multi Gig download that blew out limit!!!!!!) but BOY was it worth it! I watched all three with a huge smile on my face! I LOVE th enthusiasm of the girls and the attention to detail in the choreography. What a great performance!! Congratulations to them all!!!!! (and YOU of course mama!)

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