Crafty Tuesday – Handbag Edition.

Your Two Birdies have gone mad for handbags over here!

In our Simply Sublime Bags book there is a pattern using a placemat for a cute little summery purse. It is very easy and fun, and maybe one of these days I’ll actually have a little spare time so I can take photos and do a little tutorial on how we adapted the pattern to suit our own needs.

The first one I attempted I used a Target clearance placemat that I loved, and I knew my dear friend Cyndi – who is also a Target devotee – would appreciate.


Why yes – that is Miss Petaluma modeling the hottest summer accessory. How cute is she? (And the handbag isn’t so bad, either!)


And, then I moved on from placemats and used this great fabric that I had lying around and made another bag for another dear friend who had a June birthday.


AND…yes, another June birthday friend. This one was made out of fabric remnants as well, not a placemat, but I think it is my favorite.


Added ribbon and a partitioned pocket on the inside…and also squared off the bottom so it will sit nicely.


I have two more June birthdays that need to be finished this week before I leave. I’m determined to get them done before July slips by as well.

Any summer crafting happening out there?

6 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday – Handbag Edition.

  1. Oh my goodness, those are SO CUTE! You never cease to amaze me with your craftiness! I actually have something to share for crafty Tuesday this week!

  2. Wow – do your talents ever end? I’m so impressed and gotta say, a bit jealous! Would love to be able to sit down at my machine and whip something up. Have only successfully made a dress for DD when she was 1 and now is 20 and a delightful Harry Potter cape. Maybe I need to find some sewing classes…..

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