A Happy Birthday and a little bit of Crafty, too.

My little sis is one year older today! And soon she’ll be all caught up to me because I’m sticking and staying where I’m at – so I’ll see you in a few years, Meesh!

All kidding aside, we wish you a very, very happy birthday, Aunt Meesh. You are a beautiful person inside and out and I feel so blessed to be able to call you my sister, and most of all my best friend.

And since you are at Camp this week, I’m going to use your birthday gifts on our Crafty Tuesday today. If by chance you are reading this before you get to open your birthday gifts….STOP READING. Right NOW.

Okay, now that she is gone…I can let you in on quite possibly my worst, most frustrating project…ever. Grrrrr….I’m still a little steamy about the whole thing but it is wrapped up and on its’ way.

Awhile ago my sis told me she wanted a little case/cozy for her new iPad. And I happened to have this gorgeous, soft, gray sweater that I had felted. I had visions of a soft case with a pretty light blue fabric liningĀ  and a little birdy on the outside.

Yes. And that is what it started as…and after taking it completely apart three different times, the knit became so misshapen and out-of-whack, and I eventually just worked it down too much and the whole thing became too small. It just wasn’t working. I sadly tossed it in the scrap heap, where Addie immediately rescued it as a sleeping bag for one of her stuffed cats. Meh. At least it is getting some sort of use.

It was the right idea…


So I took a new tactic. One of the books I got for Christmas has this great idea to make handbags out of placemats. I happened upon some clearance placemats at Target a few weeks ago and have been experimenting with some purses and I had an extra one…so I opened it up, added some padding to protect her new little iPad, and added some clasps.

This little piece only saw the seam ripper twice. Gah. But, I was a little happier with this one.



I also made a little bag for a friend of Michelle’s. Again, using 3 of my clearance placemats I put this together. And then put it together again. My proportions are a little off…the bag is too tall – but it is a good-sized bag.


I just don’t know what it was about this weekend, but my sewing mojo was OFF. I’m hoping that I can get it back this week since I have a whole lotta stuff to get done!

3 thoughts on “A Happy Birthday and a little bit of Crafty, too.

  1. That stinks when nothing seems to be working quite right. I have had many of those weekends. I hope you get your mojo back. The ipad case and bad turned out really well though!

  2. But it feels good to experiment doesn’t it? I think the bag and the blue ipad case look great though! And I bet that cat loves its sleeping bag :-) . Now I am a week late over here but I have done some sewing this week!

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