Bella, Bella Dancerellas

We had a weekend full of ballet, ballet and more ballet. I was lucky (?!) enough to be in charge of one set of ballerinas during the dress rehearsal on Saturday so I was able to get some photos. Which actually was a Godsend since there is no photography or videoing during the recital.

The recital was called “It’s a Small World” and so we began in Germany with our little flowers dancing to one of my all-time favorite songs “Edelweiss.”


Yeah, I cried through the whole performance. I used to sing this song to the girls while I was rocking them, so there was that.


But also, (if you recall Addie’s last recital, a long, long time ago that was a bit of a disaster with her just sitting up on stage and crying for me!) it was pure joy to see her up on the stage excited to be performing and dancing her little heart out. She knew all of the steps and wait until you see the video – she was beaming and smiling from ear to ear the entire song during the actual recital.


She was sweet, yet self assured and confident wrapped into one braid-wearing package. It was breathtaking to watch.


And then we traveled to Ireland and found our Irish fairies.


Our Em and Audrey are just such old pros…they didn’t seem phased at all by the fact that they were going out to dance in front of a packed house.


It continues to astound me how sweet her circle of friends is and how she can have such a good time anywhere with anyone.


And it makes me so proud to see her spread her wings and try a bunch of new things.


I can’t wait to see where both our ballerinas land.


7 thoughts on “Bella, Bella Dancerellas

  1. TOO, TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wondering how it was that Addie was back to ballet and now I know. She really looks like she is enjoying herself and that is good news! Emma really does look like a pro — like she was born to dance! And that comment of yours about how sweet her friends are and how well she adjusts — have you checked lately on who her mom is — always encouraging, always wanting the best for them? They are such a picture of what you and J have provided for them! Great job all the way around!

  2. The Girl’s are adorable.. I love their outfits… Glad to hear that all went great. Congrats to our little ballerinas!
    Love to all

  3. Your girls are so adorable! Looks like they had a wonderful time performing.

    I took A. out of dance this past year since she didn’t like getting up in the morning and didn’t seem to learn too much. I will see what next Fall brings. I have a feeling I will be signing her up again.

  4. Oh…. my eyes just get all teary thinking about little ballerinas.

    I have at least one little performer to match up with yours.
    : )

  5. ok, now it’s a litter bitter-sweet that EJ was not involved. The girls are beautiful little ballerina’s.

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