Not even going to pretend…

…that I have a thing to show for Crafty Tuesday today. My partner-in-craft-crime and I have found ourselves the owners of a new crafty toy and once we get it figured out there will be NO.END.TO.OUR.CRAFTINESS.

But in the meantime, the Two Birdies are trying desperately to get this school-wide ceramics project done in time for our school’s Silent Auction next month. I’ll snap a few photos today so you can see what I mean. It is a big project, people, I mean HUGE.

And on another note, I am in a quagmire of house-hunting stress with realtors and lovely mortgage fellows (really, they are quite lovely). It really isn’t much I can talk about right now. Just know that we are still here and hanging on. And I really, REALLY hope to finally have some time to, at the very least, dig out my sewing area so I can think about sewing something. Anything.

But as always, would love some crafty diversions to peruse while I’m trying to avoid doing everything else I need to do, so please leave us your creations.

4 thoughts on “Not even going to pretend…

  1. What new crafty toy?!! HOUSE HUNTING??!! What have I missed?!

    I have nothing crafty especially when my fingernails are to the nubbins and are pathetically sore from ripping down wallpaper that is taking WAY too long!

    Good luck with everything you have on your plate!

  2. I’ve been thinking about you and wondering about the house thing. Send me an email and let me know the scoop (in all your spare time) please.

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