Crafty Tuesday

I apologize for skipping out on you last Tuesday, and today is a thrown together mish-mash of random bits we have been slamming together the past few weeks. Instead of staying home on our “day off” yesterday and getting caught up, I took the girls and we met friends at Disney. It was so very fun and now I’m so very far behind on our “start” of the week.  But it was well worth it and so you get a condensed version of what has been crafting around here lately.

Some more burp rags…

And a taggie blanket. (Thanks to Stacy who warned of the apparent taggie-nazis that will NOT let you list the taggies on etsy. Good FYI…)

I found this fabric awhile ago and have been racking my brain for something to make for my girl scouts. We are preparing for an overnight at the end of the month and found out that they all need bandanas when they cook or are around campfires. Bingo. Easy peasy – 18  little bandanas made quickly with the ‘ol serger. So.In.Love.With.That.Machine.

And Addie and I ripped off this idea from someone (Christina? Was it you??) from last Valentine’s Day. This is her valentine card to her classmates. I can’t tell you how painful the three hours were that it took to write her classmates’ names and sign these. There are only 27 kids…three HOURS! So thankful that one is over.

And Em’s to her classmates. Apologize for the horrible photo – it was literally as we were running out the door. She is holding a conversation heart that says, “You Rock!” and we just attached a little bag of hearts. Not nearly as painful, but she has had two more years of practice, too.

Okay, lay it on me. I’m working like mad to get my “real” work projects done so I can finally finish the girls’ quilts this week. Inspiration??

5 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. Sigh….none from me yet although I am itching to get stuck into something other than repairs with my new machine :-)
    The Valentine cards are really cute. What a labour of love to do one for every classmate. We self centred Aussie’s do nothing of the kind here, although I did notice a few droopy roses taped to people’s lockers yesterday. Out of interest, why are taggie blankets ‘persona non grata’ on etsy? Please don’t tell me it’s health and safety and someone could strangle themselves on a tag?????

  2. Oh, the cards turned out so cute!! You sure are churning out those baby gifts. I am so glad you are enjoying your serger. Every time I see all your goodies it makes me think about the fact that I don’t use mine nearly enough. Those bandanas are an excellent idea. Where did you get the awesome fabric?

  3. Carolyn – No, you just can’t call them “taggies” apparently they have copyrighted that name and will make you take them down if you try to list them as a taggie blanket? I’m not getting any extras made to put up on our etsy shop anyhow…so not many worries there!

    And Jen – there is a fabric store in downtown LA in the fashion district that would make your head explode. It is called Michael Levine’s and it is pure heaven for fabric geeks. Seriously have to control myself when I go in there (usually I don’t do a very good job) and it is only 15 minutes away. Very scary, yes. But so very incredible. And then? Across the street they have Michael Levine HOME…an entire other store of just home decor fabrics. *sigh* Just…need…more…hours…in…the…day!

  4. You always have such cute stuff. Love the valentines. Yeah, we did the lollipops kind one year…and I wanted to again this time…but Nadia had other ideas. Sigh, why do they have to grow up and have ideas of their own?! Anyway, we did scratch-off valentines…like lottery tickets. thankfully she actually enjoyed writing everyones names this time!

  5. Your cards turned out very cute! :) I did something similar last year, and I think maybe Christina did too. I’m going to put mine up today. Two days late, but whatever. :)

    Love the burp cloths and taggie blanket. So soft looking!

    Hey, what are we doing this week?

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