Crafty Tuesday

Hello my fellow crafty peeps. I hate that I only seem to make it here to Chaos on Tuesdays or Thursdays lately – but I have legitimate crafts this week, so it was worth the stop, and thanks for hangin’ in with me.  I promise to do a dump of all the ramblings rolling around in my brain in the very near future. It just has not been on the schedule lately.

But on to the crafty goodness.

Two out of three of our crafts today can be directly attributed to my new serger. How in the world have I existed for so long without a serger? And now nothing is safe in the house, I am quite enamored with it. I’m going to take a class this Thursday so I can become serger savvy – I can’t wait. The serger just makes all of my stuff look…well, professional!


Emma Grace has a ballet sweater/shrug that is knitted and she hates it because it is so itchy. So I used it as a pattern and made one for Emma Jean for her birthday this past weekend. I have material to make one for Gracie and Addie too, of course, and one for Audrey so all the ballet friends can be stylin’. It turned out really cool…and the seams are beautiful!

I also used the serger when I made some burp rags for a friend who is pregnant with a little boy. Usually I sew the flannels together flip them right-side out and then do a zig-zag around the edge for a little decorative touch. Instead, I just serged it and the edges look nice and it literally took me 5 minutes for each burp rag. Again. How did I do without this machine?


I also made a quilt for Leah’s new baby. I didn’t use the serger for this and it was my first foray into quilting. I guess I didn’t “quilt it” really – just sort of pieced the bits together, and then did a “in the ditch” seam on each of the squares. But I can definitely see the attraction in quilting. I already have some little study quilts cut out for Em and Ad and they have already asked when they are going to get theirs, so it definitely won’t be my last quilt I make.


So that is what I have today. I’ve got orders for more SuperCapes and more baby gifts due on Thursday so I had better go hop to that. But I’ll be back so share your crafty goodies, please!

8 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. Waaa! I’m suffering major jealousy over the serger purchase. You lucky, lucky girl!! (Okay seriously, I’m tickled pink for you.) :) Isn’t it amazing how you can just zip along a cut edge and have a beautifully finished seam? Love that. And love your finished projects. My sister is a quilter and I’m telling you, once you get started, it’s seems to be hard to start. :) Oh, and I have to say, I so ♥ the fabric you used to back the quilt with. It looks so soft and cozy. I wouldn’t mind curling up in that. :)

  2. Hi Bean, I thought that once you had a serger you would love it. I so miss mine, but then again I don’t sew like I use to. You are going to be able to save yourself a lots of time with your serger. I too also love all of your sewing projects for this week. The quilt turned out adorable..great job.
    Love ya

  3. That quilt is absolutely adorable. I think I would get addicted to quilting if I ever let myself. The shrug is really sweet too. I am so glad you are loving your serger. I don’t use mine as much as I should. I have a little something up today.

  4. Wow! I will be totally honest and say that I’m not totally sure what a serger is, but I just LOVE what you have made with it! Everything looks great…as always! I wish that I had some of your craftiness…and that I made some time to actually craft anything. But I have nothing crafty this week to share :( Although I did actually post, so I guess that counts for a little something…right?!

  5. I am a serger convert too after finally getting one about a year ago. Just wish I had more time and space to DO stuff with it :-(
    Does gardening count as crafty cos that’s about all I’ve managed recently! Love all your projects.

  6. Well golly, have have gone and got all pro on us! I’m kinda with Maggie tho…I have a rough idea what a serger is and what it does, but it’s a pretty loose definition!

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