Acorns For Sale…

Yes, acorns. Like the ones you find littering the ground under any good oak tree this time of year.

Addie was fascinated with them while we were in North Carolina because the ones she found had “little tops!” on them – the acorns we have here do not have caps on them. So she started collecting pocketfuls of them at the vineyard during rehearsal for the wedding.

And the next morning she did what any enterprising, young entrepreneur would do. She sold them for 10 cents each.

Acorns for Sale

It was very cute and I laughed as she asked everyone that came into the room if they’d like to buy some acorns. That is until I saw what she cleared…she made $5.05!

Selling acorns.

You might be wondering how she got 5 cents when the acorns were 10 cents each. No, she does not have her Mama’s poor math skills, she cut Leah a deal and sold her a tiny acorn (with no top!) for only a nickel.

I’m thinking we need to take her to our next boutique and she can sell dresses and aprons for us. I also think she might be a marketing genius.

6 thoughts on “Acorns For Sale…

  1. That is an absolute hoot! You have to hand it to the girl — strike while the iron is hot — or the acorns are available — or whatever! And who could say “No” to that kid?! Way to go, Ad!

  2. Nadia and I looked at this together yesterday, and can you guess where she went immediately afterward? Yep, to find acorns! hehe! that Addie is a born saleslady.

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