And then you were five.

My Dear Addison Rose,

Today you turn five. At one point this summer you wailed “Mama, all of my friends are already five! When can I be five? And can I still go to kindergarten?” You have waited so very long for this day.


But for me? I think I just blinked and…poof! Five years gone in an instant.

I must say that you have used the last five years and grown into an amazing girl. You can be stubborn and very strong-willed, yet you are so incredibly sweet and caring. You love kitties, your sister, and any sort of sugary concoction – you have your Mama’s sweet tooth, for sure. At any given moment you can be found singing your little heart out. Songs you know, songs you *think* you know, or songs you just made up. It doesn’t really matter, but you definitely like to sing.


And my oh goodness, your sense of humor – it cannot be beat. I think you are one of the funniest kids. Ever. Whether you are imitating the Three Stooges or spouting off your own observations on life, I don’t think one day has gone buy where you have not made me outright laugh.

But most of all, you brought balance to our family. You filled in the hole we didn’t even know we had, and you rounded out our edges perfectly. The last five years with you have been phenomenal. And I can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to us for the next five years.

Five Years of Addison from carrie voris on Vimeo.

I love you Addikins. Happy Birthday my big FIVE year old.


20 thoughts on “And then you were five.

  1. Happy Birthday, Addison-
    You’re a BIG 5 years old today!
    Hope your day is happy
    In every single way!!

    Lots of love from
    Great-Uncle Dick & Aunt Vicki

  2. Wow…so many cute pictures of Addie. A very Happy Birthday to our adorable granddaughter. Wish we could be there to help you celebrate. Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Love you

  3. OMG you’re going to make me cry:) That is so sweet Carrie. So so sweet:)

    Happy Birthday Addison:)

  4. Flashbacks! One thing hasn’t changed……………those big, expressive eyes! Happy Birthday Addie =)

  5. Happy Birthday Addie!! I hope you have a wonderful day and the best year ever! Teared up watching that Carrie, I remember seeing some of those pics and can’t believe how big she is now! Happy Birth Day to you Mama! XO :)

  6. Baby, that made me tear up at my desk! So, so beautiful. I love how you have captured her over all of these years.

  7. Ok… I’m outright bawling! Great job editing, Mama! OMG, that tongue!!!

    We hope your 5th birthday is silly and shiny and sparkly!!! We love you, Addie!

  8. Oh my gosh – could that have been any sweeter? What a great gift to your daugther.

    I giggled through it – especially the baby pictures – because she has THE SAME expressions from the time she was an infant until now! Add a little height and a curly wig to those baby photos and they are the same as Addie now!! She’s so precious.


  9. Aww, the “Five Years of Addison” made me all teary eyed, and she’s not even my baby! It’s stunning how fast the time flies by. But what fun and adventure filled years she’s had just to be five. :) Happy Birthday Addie!!!

  10. 5 years in the blink of an eye…Happy Birthday, Addie!! She has had that uniquely Addie sparkly vibe from the very beginning – even the baby pics are so clearly Addie! Nadia and I had a great time watching her grow, and N says to tell you that you take MANY GREAT pictures. :) And she’s making a birthday card for Ad right now (I think I have your address…need to check!).

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