Happy 5th of July!

And a very happy birthday to my favorite younger sis! Remember when we used to tell you that the fireworks were for your birthday?

meesh & family at disney

I hope you got to see some fireworks for your birthday last night, Meesh. And wishing you the best year yet.

We love you and we’ll see you in a few days. (Wheee!)
J, C, E, & A

3 thoughts on “Happy 5th of July!

  1. Zoe is convinced that the fireworks are all about her and Ana’s birthday celebrations. We always have their big combined bday party 4th of July weekend. And tonight… when we saw fireworks… Ana kept yelling “SURPRISE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” It was hysterical.

  2. Are you venturing back to the Midwest? Any plans for a Chi-town visit? Would love to see you!

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