Crafty Tuesday

Whew…it has been a week, or four. I have been compiling a list of all the things I have yet to blog about and I hope to have that up sometime before the summer is out. Ha. But I do have a little CT to show today. I present to you Crafty Tuesday…the chalkboard edition.

Yes, I have become obsessed with the chalkboard paint. We painted flowerpots for all the teachers with said paint. Filled them with paper flowers (on pencils), love notes (because all of our teachers were so fabulous this year), and Sbux gift cards (because all teacher apparently need a gallon of coffee each day) and then the girls decorated them with chalk. They were kinda a big hit, I think.



And then we used a little of the paint on the top of the girls’ table in the playroom. It had been desecrated and I was going to just repaint it anyhow, so why not use chalkboard paint? Mmmmm…nice clean blackboard table.


And finally, the wall that started it all. The playroom painting is done. There is nothing hung back up on the wall yet, but…It.Is.Painted. Yahoo!


And the chalkboard is well-loved, as you can see. We all like to doodle on it and the calendar rocks. I love seeing six weeks worth of stuff at a time.


And the rest of the room got weeded out a bit, a nice new color and some new organization. Except for that craft corner over there. See the p-i-l-e on the ironing board? Yeah. That is next.


Ok, back to decompressing after our crazy past week. I’d love to see what you are all up to – so leave it!

9 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. Oh how I wish I could have a whole chalkboard wall! Yes, yes, yes! It looks great and I love the quote! Can we come play and draw?! Last week was Harrison’s last week of school, too –

    And I’m ready for summer so I “crafted” some things for our only outdoor space we have – the deck! Hey, when life gives you lemons – make lemonade!

  2. The wall totally makes me think of our wall at CMU with the big piece of plastic that we would write on with markers we could erase. It was so fun!

    My kids are just now discovering sidewalk chalk but they don’t realize that it’s just for sidewalks. You know, like my car is off limits. So, I don’t think anything like that would be safe in my house . . . yet.

  3. Wow, I absolutely love the gifts and your chalkboard wall! That calendar rocks. I would LOVE something like that in our house, too, but alas…we have no where to put it. I need to get some of the chalkboard paint, but I heard that it is hard to do. Perhaps it was just my decorating impaired friends that had a hard time with it, though?? Must try it out.

    Today I am showing off some knitting, but if you go back to last Thursday, I have my teacher gifts up, too. Poor Kai’s teacher…she had pneumonia on the last day of school and wasn’t there. I need to send her an email because I didn’t have the card attached to the gift and it may have gone askance from it.

  4. Carrie! That chalkboard wall is AWESOME! I love the calendar! For the squares did you have to use a different color of chalkboard paint so you could still write on them? Is there such a thing as a different color of chalkboard paint? I’m so impressed…trying to figure out where I can put this in our house…

  5. Girl, you are totally rockin’ the chalkboard paint. The chalkboard wall transformed your room. It looks awesome. I also love those teacher’s gifts. Just perfect.

    I have a little something up today.

  6. Thanks! Like I said the wall is a hit for sure.
    There is a tintable chalkboard paint that you can actually get mixed at the hardware store to 8 or 10 different colors but i just used my black chalkboard paint and mixed white in with it to make the different shades of gray.

    You can also make your own paint – which is where I got the calendar idea. Thanks, Martha! :-)

    I didn’t really have any problem at all with the chalkboard paint…it is no harder than normal paint. I didn’t even primer the wall…and just put on two coats, then you have to let it cure for three days before you use it. The most time-consuming part was the taping off of the squares, waiting til they dried and then re-taping and painting the other squares.

  7. You are so talented girl…. What a great idea. Sure is going to save on paper hey! Also the teachers gifts are a keeper.

  8. That is the biggest chalkboard wall I do believe I have *ever* seen! How cool is that? And how cool are you with your uber craftiness? :)

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