Happy Birthday Boys!

We get to celebrate two of our favorite boys being born on this day, Daddy and Uncle Jeff.

Here’s a pic just in case you are having trouble remembering how old you are – because you know. That is what happens when you get old, you forget stuff. Or so we are told….


Hope you have a fantastic day and the best year yet!

(Daddy we have all kinds of birthday celebrations planned for you if you would just hurry up and come home!)

Love you!
C, E & A

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Boys!

  1. I am assuming your hubby is a twin? Unless it’s your bother who is having a birthday.
    Happy Birthday to the MEN.

  2. Your website is opening at home!!! Anyway, I love the way the girls make the 3 and 2 on their hands. I’ve noticed kids doing it that way lately, do I do it the “old” way?

    Happy birthday boys! I hope you have a great one.

  3. Happy birthday to Daddy and Uncle J! Bummer he’s gone for his special day, but I’m sure his girls will make up for it in a big way. :)

  4. Hahahha. Hate it when us oldies forget stuff. I keep forgetting how old I am and doing things which result in pain :-) …like a contemporary dance class this week!
    Happy birthday boys!

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